Re: Swanson's Hawks

Lance Benner


Three Swainson's hawks went over northern Altadena at 10:17 and may have bene the same birds reported by Mike earlier in Glendora.  Modest numbers of turkey vultures and the first-of-spring northern rough-winged swallow.  

Winds in Altadena right now are blowing from the east and could be quite good for migration today.



Lance Benner


From: "msperalez"
To: "LACoBirds"
Sent: Saturday March 4 2023 9:20:15AM
Subject: [LACoBirds] Swanson's Hawks

There were 3 westbound SWHA with a larger group of TUVUs a few minutes ago here in north Glendora All birds were kettled over Azusa Peak before streaming.

Not sure if they were staying westbound or not as the appeared to curve north with the vultures into San Gabriel Canyon.

As for the SWHAs: two light phases, one dark phase.

Mike Peralez
Glendora, CA

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