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Luke Tiller

Hi Ed et al,

There was already a large movement across the foothills in the greater Pasadena area on a line from about Washington to Altadena Drive today. In about half an hour mid-morning I had three Bald Eagles, 440 Turkey Vultures and 75 Swainson's. I had to do some work after that, but smaller numbers continued to drift past until early afternoon. Birds might move again tomorrow once the rain clears but probably depends on what's now south of us. One minor factor that seems to help with good flights here is when the clouds sit over the mountains like they did today and block birds cutting up the canyons, which I've seen them do before.

Luke Tiller, Altadena

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Forecast here in Pasadena is for strong winds (north northwest 15 to 20 mph, gusting to 35). Should we expect lots of hawk/vulture movements across the foothills?





Ed Stonick

Pasadena, CA


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I am standing in the parking lot between the college and the California botanic garden formerly rancho Santa Ana botanic garden in Claremont and I can't get back into the car because there is a Non-Stop stream of turkey vultures flying from the east, towards the west. Every time I want to get back in the car more of them are showing up. It's amazing

Thomas Geza Miko
Claremont, LA County
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