Error on my EBird wren report

Hi Folks,
Yesterday when I was listening to my recordings I was pleasantly surprised that I got a recording of the "Winzer Wren" singing. Well apparently what may have happened (strong possibility) is that I accidentally turned on my phone while live recording the bird and picked up the recording off the app of a Winter Wren singing, instead of the actual bird singing. The bird did sing while I was there but I may have accidentally recorded my own phone (until Amazon finally delivers the flux capacitors for my DeLorean I'm never going to find out). The other two recordings of the bird calling are definitely live recordings of only the bird and nothing coming off my phone. I checked on this topic last night with a couple of people who put the work into helping me figure this out. Worst comes to worst I may go back tomorrow or Monday and try to get more recordings of the bird with my shotgun microphone and make sure that the same mistake doesn't happen again. I've never actually done this before. I have upon occasion picked up a recording off my phone knowing that I was playing it and then edited that out but I've never accidentally recorded my phone not knowing that that's what was on my recording.

Thomas Geza Miko
Claremont, LA County
"With a sufficiently large sample size a correlation can at once be both very significant and too small worth discussing."--Daniel Kahneman

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