Winter Wren location


I am at the top of the steep Hill that Jonathan described earlier this week. If you find the water park called splash, look for a very large plastic yellow and blue water slide. Directly underneath that water slide there is a hillside that is inside the park, proper, with extensive plantings of some kind of non-native plant that has small yellow flowers. This is quite an extensive planting of a couple of acres but walk uphill to the top of this hill where it meets the fence for the water park. I had good looks at the bird. Overall the bird seems very dark brown, but the throat seems contrastingly very pale. I looked and could not see diamonds sprinkled on its back, which I would expect for winter wren. I have obtained audio, but failed to obtain photographs because I had the wrong sitting on my camera and now the bird is mad at me and hiding. I'm going to walk around in the rain and look for the Pine Warbler for a while and then come back and see if I can get photos to supplement the audio.
I left my reading glasses in the car so I hope that what is on this email actually makes sense and doesn't look like drunk typing
Thomas Geza Miko
Claremont, LA County
"With a sufficiently large sample size a correlation can at once be both very significant and too small worth discussing."--Daniel Kahneman

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