Re: WREN at La Mirada park

I am here at that park with a shotgun microphone with a "dead cat" jonathwind muffler on it but the various directions of where this Wren is supposed to be our confusing. If somebody could please drop GPS coordinates into an email that the regular Google maps types of GPS coordinates I would super duper appreciate it.

Thomas Geza Miko
Claremont, LA County
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I would encourage anyone who goes to look for this wren to try to obtain good recordings of its calls, preferably calls given naturally and not in response to playback. And if you do, please upload them to eBird or submit your documentation (presuming it is a Winter Wren) to the CBRC:

Tom Benson
Secretary, California Bird Records Committee

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Good Morning,

The Winter Wren continues this am in acacia (yellow flowers) bordering the water park. please see coordinates:

33°54′27″ N  118°0′32″ W

Nancy Salem
Long Beach

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