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Kings of Digital maintains a constellation of ham radio reflectors.   The primary purpose of this group is to enable users to notify each other of either planned or ad hoc discussions on the Constellation.  Other topics, either technical or non-technical, are welcome.  A list of hashtags is maintained to allow members to follow only topics, events, and chats related to specific topics of interest.

The Constellation reflectors are D-STAR: XRF002, XRF310, XRF555, (all modules A-Z) and XLX313 (modules A-F).  DMR: Use XLX313 as the master and select talk group 4001-4006.  XLX212 is DMR only with 26 talk groups 4001-4026.  XLX313 provides full time transcoding between D-STAR and DMR on all 6 modules.  Linked reflectors shown here  All nets are available on both D-STAR and DMR.  Transcoded modules also available for QSOs.

The regularly scheduled nets on the Constellation and the reflector dashboards are listed at 

Set up instructions here:

After subscribing, you can access the same instructions in the Files area.  Contains important information to configure so you receive only the messages you want at the delivery frequencies appropriate for your use.

Please ensure your Display Name includes your call sign.  To do this, s
elect Subscriptions at the left and then click the Group Profile button then Edit Group Profile. Enter a Display Name including your call sign.  At the bottom of the screen, click Update Group Profile.  Accounts without a call sign may be unsubscribed to keep the focus on our hobby.

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