King of the Battlefield

King of the Battlefield, 18th Century Wargames Rules, were first published in 2002. These wargaming rules are simple, enjoyable to play, and "look right" on the tabletop. Each unit on the table represents a regiment (in general).

King of the Battlefield gives you good reason to use historical tactics because they work. Players quickly realise the need for a second line and appreciate the typical deployment in this period of linear warfare.

Notable player comments:
"I really enjoyed that."
"The game has an elegant simplicity."
"I'm looking forward to another game of KotB!"

And top of the list:
"These are the best rules I have used in the 40 years or so that I have been gaming. Wish I had come across them before."

The Central London Wargames Club (and others in the world) plays KotB on a frequent basis using their vast numbers of Seven Year War troops.

The short Addendum in the Files section has now been incorporated into the latest print run. Those with older rulebooks may still download it. This mainly helps light and skirmish troops to evade more successfully. If there are other factors / areas you would like addressed then please comment.

We welcome your input.
Have fun,
Ian G.

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