Re: How to reply to messages #usinggroup

David Reichard

I replying this time from the io page.

Now I always see a Reply button on the io pages. Not sure why I didn't the first time around. I think part of the issue is that the io site is trying to be helpful and give us lots of ways to view messages. Some of the views may not include a reply button.

That button near the top right corner is key. Depending on the context, you can select:
* Topics: Displays "threads" with just the first message in each thread. Kind of a summary view.
* Messages: Displays all messages in date order.
* Expanded: Displays all messages but arranged by topic
* Polls (not sure why that's a choice--Polls are a whole different section)

maybe io has an FAQ section that states the above. If not, and if your users have issues with this, you can add your own FAQ somehow,

BTW, thanks for all that you do for KWF and this message board.
I skipped KWF this year because I only come when The Waifs are playing :) And because my wife won't come when it's so hot. Should have gone anyway since the temps turned out so nice.
I'm looking at this reply issue in detail because I'm a curious techy and use io for other groups so I want to understand how it works. 

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