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The Classified Newsletter Is Here for you and Your Groups!

The Classified Newsletter is an advertising newsletter that is sent out weekly.

We advertise yahoo groups, google groups, blog sites, and website’s

If you have a group/groups and would like to advertise with The Classifieds send an email to

The Classified Newsletter 

You must be willing to forward the advertisement to your group/groups.

I’m looking forward to helping you advertise your group/groups.



Tags ETC

We are an always list for people who don't have time to request. Tags

range from G-SAC. No nudity ever!!! Members may send blanks and

alphas to taggers and taggers will make tags for the whole list. Members

are only allowed 2-3 names. This group should be low volume as only

taggers post.  




†/*~*God's Own*~*\†/*

God's Own is an email family of caring Christians who

love the Lord and want to glorify Him. We are a "G" rated

only group and have a wide variety to offer you including

devotions, caring & sharing, praise & prayer, games, tags,

and music shares, to name just a few.. We also share

things that are happening in our world and how it relates

to us, especially as believers. No required sends, but you

are encouraged to join in. Come and get to know us,

you'll be glad you did!  **



Join us to learn more about God's Word in a simple, fun, weekly trivia game!

This group is a low volume, G-rated, closed-member list that anyone can join!

Only the owner sends to the list...with a max of 4 emails per week, except for

special announcements or ads. You receive 10 questions per week, ranging from easy to hard, with hints also ranging from easy to hard. All participants receive prize tags at the end of the week, whether answers are right or wrong. The goal is not to see how smart you are, but rather to give you the opportunity for study and learning simple facts about God's Word. Members are not required to play weekly.


A Big World Made Interesting for PSP

If you like to create tags and need more resources for your

tagging, then this is the group for you. We will be Sharing

Tubes, Tutorials, Fonts, Mists, Masks, PNGS, Elements,

Scrap Kits and anything else having to do with tagging.

We have many group permission artists listed in our database.

No IM Stationery shared or used – Family Group (Weekends

are Family Time) High Volume - G rated - Participation

Encouraged but not needed.



A fun PG, and G to R group ONLY. NO AC, SAC, and above. If you don't

want a child to see it, then its not allowed in this group. Come

and join the fun. NO mandatory shares, share and request head tags,

and regular tags. All are welcome.

Family-friendly group offering a wide variety of Tags/Games/Themes

Christian/Holiday/ Recipes/MOTW Taggers/Tag Offers/and more

2 "shares" required weekly. Tags awarded for all above and for shares

No SAC/AC/PROFANITY/LURKERS Click link for more info/or join.


A Magical Kingdom of Stats


AND SNAGGING GROUP Members encouraged to share.

"G" Rated  High Volume Group See Home Page for More Information

Sharing on the weekends are at a minimum as this is family time.


A Magical Kingdom of Tags

Are you a Siggy Piggy? Do you like to see tags with your

name? Do you collect tags? Our MANY TAGGERS offer you

a wide variety of tags from Cute, Pretty, Glitter and Sparkles,

Dolls, Pink, Furbabies and Animals,  Animated and non animated.

Many are exclusive to this group. Offers will be left open for

24 hours or more. No SAC or Goth - Family Friendly. See

Home Page for More Information. Always Looking for NEW TAGGERS



Hello & Welcome Everyone....

This is a group where you can kick off your shoes relax and share

and snag to your hearts desire. This group will be just for general shares

Please No AC...No Matter How Mild On a side note please remember

this is a sharing group and no limit to daily shares.


A Tube A Day

Tube A Day, It's PSP/IM, we send out 5 tubes on

Monday, members create with them all week

And share their results. It's fun to see all the

Unique creations, but with the same tubes. Also TUT

Challenges. **


A Toon Today Tags

We will be offering your favorite Cartoon Tags here for personalization.

Only Cartoons and Nothing Else. They can be animated or non animated

G Rated - no Goth, SAC If you enjoy Cartoons please join us!

(See Home Page for more information)


A Variety Shop

We share a wide variety of PSP things, including recipes.

Light chatter in the group is allowed. Don't use incredimail in the group.

Members are required to share weekly. See our home page for

additional info.



Are you addicted to PSP? Do you love creating? Then

this is the place for you! A place to share everything to

do with PSP. Masks, fonts, tubes, tags, gradients, tuts.

If it works with PSP....then it can be shared here.


ADI Forum

Group for ADI customers and ADI artists



This group is for those who love Jesus Christ and love to go to him in prayer.

The Lord said, "Where two or more are gathered together, He is in their midst".

We also laugh, cry, play a few games, and just be a family.


A la carte incredimail

We share all types and themes of Incredimail Stats.

Tags matching IM Stats may also be shared.

Our ratings range from G to SAC stats in good taste.

Absolutely no nudity allowed. IM letter creators are given

respect by not allowing the ripping of headers.

Weekly participation is encouraged, even if it's just to

say hi on an Incredimail stat. Members sharing is what

makes a Group successful.



Family Group of creators stationary incredimail diffusion.You must have Incredimail. No AC. Low volume. No participation.

Ceci est un groupe familial de diffusion de créateurs de lettres pour Incrédimail.

Incrédimail obligatoire. Pas de AC. Aucune participation requise.  **



We are a fun group and new members are welcome. We

share items related to PSP, have challenges, games. Mail

is High Volume. Participation is encouraged. We share items

member’s request. SAC and AC, in good taste, is acceptable.

Please use preview of images being shared. Members must

be 18 or over to join. If anything comes through this group

that you do not like, you are welcome to use handy delete button



We are a new WAR group and new members are welcome. We have WAR

shares monthly. Participation required monthly.

Please use preview of images being shared.

Wars are once a month Friday Thru Sunday!

Mail is heavy at times

We are Rated G-SAC. Some War's are Themed!!

I Want to play in the war


All About Tags

We are a small Tag Group offering a large variety of tags.

We each tag about once a week and there are 3 taggers tagging.

Our group rating is G - SAC.  Come check us out at the link



All Christmas

Do you love Christmas? Then this is the place for you. Let's share everything

to do with the Christmas holiday. Recipes, crafts, tags, tubes....anything to

do with this wonderful, fun holiday. IM not required but we will be sharing IM



All Creative Minds

All-Creative-Minds is a group where we will share our creations and also

try tuts from ours and others tut writers. No AC or Gothic please!!


~ All My Rowdy Friends~

Brand New Variety List No Games, Just some serious sending

going on in here. We are G-AC, Tubes, Pngs, Tags, Anything to do with

Psp will be sent. Please come in and check us out..

Let's all Get Rowdy Together..


AMK Comps And Extras

NON INCREDIMAIL Sharing and Snagging Group.

We Share only Comp Sets and Extras

We play games to win tags and Games just for fun

We are G Rated NO SAC or Goth. Family Group

High Volume at Times


~Amazing Tubers ~

Brand New List. This is A Tube's Only List, but this one is

for special tubes, you can only share certain artist,

there all FTU so nobody can get into any type of trouble here.

Please check out the Home Page For the list of what can be sent.

Come Check us out.




Comp Set's - Tag's - Animation's to create - Bling's -and more.

Rated G-AC some adult animations might be sent so we want everyone

to be safe in here so all must be marked. Again failing to do so

you will be removed. Never send any Incredimail you will be

removed please turn that off when sending here!!!!!! **


Animation Shop Basics

Join here to learn Basic Animation Techniques.

This is a go at your own pace G rated group.

No Mods, No Minimum Requirements!

Lessons are in the Files Section of the group's page.

Check out the home page for more information



This is an Animation Non Incredimail group.

G - SAC rated All SAC shares will be marked SAC in the subject line

We share Alphas, Blank Tags, Dolls, Emoticons, Glitters, Backgrounds.

Comp Sets/Tag Extras, Little Gifs etc. If it moves we share it!

[See Home Page for more Details].



We share tags, animations, tubes, fonts all to do with psp

tuts recipes jokes links

Sharing is required at least 1X a week


Anyone's Tags

Anyone would like to Collect, Receive and Send out

Tags, Comps and Backgrounds and this is a list to get anything.

On AOL Open To All Browsers Minimum 1 Send a Week to Start

No Lurkers Please



Everything related to graphics from Alphas, to Animations, Comps, Extras, Tubes, Misted images, Incredimail Stats for those who collect them. This is not an Incredimail group, you can join in with your regular mailbox, you do not need to install Incredimail if you do not want to,

Join us and have fun with all of us, here, in the group.


Artistic Dreams

Newsgroup for PTU Company Artistic Dreams Imaging


Awesome Alpha Tags

Do you love alpha tags? Thats all we offer!  We limit our membership to 30

members so that we can spoil our members rotten!  We do have a waiting list for

those that are interested, first come basis. Come check us out.


Bag of PSP” lessons - MEMBERS

Like a magician, learn tricks within PSP as a member of the n

ew group “Bag of PSP” lessons. Each time you get a lesson,

more of the magic world of PSP will open for you. Delve into

parts of PSP you haven’t used before!! Join us in pulling fun

things out of our “Bag”. We ask that you use the tubes, masks

etc provided with these lessons. *Geared toward intermediate

and advanced practitioners* A questionnaire will be sent to

all who apply for membership – if this is not returned to us

membership will be rejected.  Once received you will be appointed

a Moderator who will contact you with further instructions.


BB2 Travel

If you love Ms. B. If you really want to save on your taxes take paid vacations.

This group is for you or you want to book travel. Share traveling tips and suggestions. This is a Travel Only GroupNo Adult Content. I ask that your setting should be on TRADITIONAL ONLY. Please complete your profile before joining this group.


BBand Friends DOW Group

Welcome to BB and Friends DOW Group. Members share Boops and other graphics from creators all over the Internet. Members post daily with a maximum of 50 per day and PLEASE NO ADULT CONTENT. If you want Incredimail stats you must have Incredimail installed. This is an Incredimail ONLY GROUP. Please use the TRADITIONAL setting only. Incredimail is a free email program.


So come enjoy the fun with this great group!!!



Welcome to BB and Friends. Members share Boops and other graphics from creators all over the Internet. Members post daily with a maximum of 50 per day and PLEASE NO ADULT CONTENT. If you want Incredimail stats you must have Incredimail installed. This is an Incredimail ONLY GROUP. Please use the TRADITIONAL setting only. Incredimail is a free email program. PLEASE COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE BEFORE JOINING THE GROUP. So come enjoy the fun with this great group!!!


Beat the Clock Quick Tags

Quick Tag Offers Only. Offers may be open for X

number of requests or open for X number of hours.

All less then 24 hours.You can get many tags in this group.

You have to Beat the Clock in order to receive a tag.

See Home Page for more Information.

Looking for taggers who love to offer quick tags!



Its as it's name states a Head tagging group.  We are

looking for new members who like to use head tags, and

if they can, help create some. We want active members

who either participate in creating or in receiving and requesting.


Best Tags & Tube Wars

Voted number 1 War on the net now day's.

So calling all you Tag and Tube Lover's out there

come in and join the fun. Got crazy with the rest of us!

Wars are once a month Friday Thru Sunday's!

Mail is VERY Heavy, we get over 1,000 plus shares.

We are Rated G-AC. There is a 30 send per war required to

keep doing the war's with us.

Stop Looking for Lots Of Fun



Now on We're back to stay and better than ever!

We have daily games and themes PSP challenges, tag offers

and much more Rated g-r Must be 18 or older to join

Only one send a week required

Come join us for the best variety list!


Betty Boop Is Back

If you love Betty Boop and love to make new friends, come join us for some

fun. I make boop tags for you to enjoy and use with you share.

We have free weekends where you can share anything you like.

No AC at any time


Bits of This And That

This is an old fashioned variety group sharing  all things psp including

Incredimail, recipes, jokes etc.  We do ask members to share weekly.  We

share items that are G - SAC rated.


Blanks A Galore

We are now more than Just Blank Tags,

We now share Blank Tags, Comp Sets, DOTW, Wallpapers,and Graphics.

Please come join us we are here to have lots of

fun. Everyone Must Share, There is No Lurkers Allowed.


Cartoons All The Time

Sharing cartoons, Disney, or anything cartoon like is allowed.

Free day sharing on Wed. No AC Ever. Good clean fun group.


Celebs Unlimited

Celebs Only, Meaning anyone who is a Celeb, can be sport teams,

tv shows, movies, musicians, whatever as long as there a

Celeb. Tubes, Tags anything is okay to send here as

long as its some sort of Celebs.



This group is just for ladies who wish to make friends, chat and have fun

through email. Share your life, your family, your thoughts, and your dreams.

You can use (but don't have to have) Incredimail so there will be some sharing

and snagging. Help grow this group with me.....


Cherokee Woman Designs

We share anything related to PSP such as Graphics, Tubes, etc. along with

regular stationary. We will have weekly challenges and tuts for you to enjoy.


Circle of Friends

Come join our circle where we enjoy tags, games, PSP,

daily themes and challenges recipes, MOTW and more

Rated g-ac Must be 18 or older to join

Grab your coffee Or a cold drink and join the fun!

We are on Groups at .io



We will share Incredimail stationery here. Everything Family friendly.

This Circle of dear friends that Heaven's brought my way is one more reason to say thanks to God this beautiful day... Thank you so much for joining. I appreciate that.



Re-making my daily theme group. Every day will be a different

theme and no limits to the number you can share......

Remember this is a sharing group and lurkers will be removed


Colored Ad's Site

Are you looking for a great colorful place to run your

ads? Then look no further. All ads are accepted.

Pick you own Colors! Any Rating Ads can be

ran here. Ads will go out 2 times a month.

So what are you waiting on Pretty up them ads and

get them on the site. Group is on Group Io


Colored Adz Swap

Ads Page List. This is going to be different from the Ads Site.

Everyone is allowed to join. Do not worry about cutting your

ads down to a certain words. I do not believe in that. I mean

do not make a BOOK lol but you know what I mean. No set Date

really depends on how many members I get and how fast.


Country Music Time

Country Music group only: You must have Incredimail to join. We are a group

of men and woman who love Country Music, esp. the old kind. (Patsy Cline,

Hank Snow, Hank Williams etc.) New Country, Bluegrass and Country

Gospel are shared and enjoyed also. Can be high volume at times!

You must share to remain a member. This awesome group had some

great members who are long timers and share lots of great music with stats

to match most of them. Come on in and listen to some awesome music and snag lots!! Owner: Misdonna


Crazy Over Blinkies

This is a group to share or snag blinkies and anything animated. We enjoy

chatting along the way too. No other shares just blinkies and animations

only. On the weekends members can send non-animated extras. No limit to the

amount of shares. No AC


Creations Saskia

Where to receive my animated incredimail stats


Creative Time

Looking for all members that love to Create. Do you like to

just do challenges and create? Challenges will be done M-F..

No Bashing anyone's creations allowed. Everyone must do at

least 2 challenges a week. So what are you waiting for get

in here and start some new creations. Please Make Sure you

Read Home Page


Cute & Sweet

Brand New G Rated Group The name actually says it all,

looking for some G rated, Tubes, Tags, PNGS, Kits and much more.

Well this is the place to be. There is a sending requirement weekly

to keep getting them cute things. There's going to be plenty of Cuteness

happening in here. So Stop looking and join along.



We will share cute and sweet Incredimail. Join and meet new friends. Please share only cute here on Incredimail stationery.


~ Cutie's Creations ~

This group's purpose is solely to receive my sporadic tag and header offers.

Low mail volume, as I'm the only one sending. I also have an Always List that

only members can join.



Only the creators will share, so all you need to do is sit back, relax, snag the beautiful stationery & enjoy yourselves. If you are a creator and interested in sharing your work, please contact CW or myself. The group is a family-oriented group, therefore, we do not share creations that are Gothic or Adult Content.


CWs Music Lounge

This is a group for music lovers. We share music and Incredimail stats from

all genres (you will need IM as your e-mail client to participate)


Dazzling Divas Ads

A no frills ad group where our sole purpose is to get your ads

seen by as many people as possible.  No verification is needed but you must

share the weekly ad with your members.


Dazzling Divas PSP

We are a PSP Variety group that allows shares G – AC All items shared rated SAC - AC must be noted in the subject line. New members must share within 5 days of joining and at least 10 times per month



We love to have Wars, we offer a variety of types of wars

Once a month major PSP war, 2 tag wars per month and a totally Surprise war

each month. No incredimail or sig tags in your posts allowed. 

Come check us out


Depression With Hope 2

Do you have depression, anxiety, PTSD, have you ever been abused? Are you looking for a support group that helps people heal through devotion, prayer, and getting to the heart of the matter? Then we think  you've landed on the right doorstep, as long as you don't mind mild profanity. (The co-owner doesn't see 'damn' or 'hell' as such, depending how you use them.) 16+ ONLY, PLEASE (for the safety of our members, we cannot admit anyone with certain Personality  Psychotic Disorders.)


Designs By Elly

This group is where I share my Incredimail stats and tutorials.

Tutorials in Incredimail format and also word doc format.

Family group, High volume at times, No participation.




We are a head tag group and love to have fun and make head tags

you have to post at least  once-a-week to stay in the group

and send in an intro within 24 hrs.too


DJs Animated Name Tag Group

All tags will be animated in some way and will be G-Rated.

Some will contain Scripture.


DJ’s Extras

Tags with comments such as, God Bless, Hello, Sharing, Thank You, etc.

Tags will be sent directly to you.



This is a signature tag group. All tags will be G-Rated.

Some will be animated and some will contain Scripture

DJ’s Timeline Toppers

Timeline Toppers are useable on your Facebook. All toppers will be G-Rated.

Some will contain Scripture and will be sent directly to you.



*We are Copyright Compliant Taggers*

If you LOVE to collect tags, come join the rest of us siggie piggies!!!

We love to make tags for you!  Tags will range from cutsie to AC.


Elite Letters And Tags

We are an Incredimail only group, consisting of many of the most well-known creators & writers of IM Stationery, as well as our in house trained taggers. All tags are done by hand, using our own settings. Our members love our diversity of quality Stationery & Matching tags. Totally G-rated


(Master's Choice) Eric's Tubes

Welcome to my little place on the web. My name is Eric.

I have started making Daz people, Kind of like Poser but a lot easier.

I would love to share what I make and it will be free to use.

I am the only one who shares images, no other sharing allowed.

You may send what you make with My graphics. If you do not want to be in a

group that has small conversation, then don't join. No Image Police Allowed!

These are my graphics and I choose to share freely without all of those

Image Police rules and threats! Generally speaking, my images are not AC.

I do not wish to degrade men or women, especially women.

I do have graphics where people are wearing shorts or short dresses but

NO total exposure in a graphic sense. I prefer making graphics in a moral way.


E-Z Tagging

Are you a Tagger? You will learn how to use an easier script to do all your

tags! The writer of the script is the co-owner so you know your problems will

be addressed. This is a place for all taggers to enjoy being together and

sharing tips and tricks of tagging. You can also share some favorite links for tutorials, scrapkits.


Family Friendly Groups

A place to ad your IO groups to my list without the

Hassle of verifying that you are sending the ad list out.

If you have any IO groups,come join me,to get more




Every day brings a different daily theme for your Incredimail shares.

Incredimail is mandatory for membership. A theme schedule posted

at bottom of each email. Group is Family friendly No AC.

Must share weekly to maintain membership.



I thought maybe you all would join me again for a new group

for Flowers-in-Bloom.I would appreciate it.

Thank you so much.We will share Flowers on Incredimail stationery.

The Incredimail stationery doesn't have to have all flowers

on it,but a flower somewhere must be on the letters we share.

Please join and share your beautiful flower IM stationery.

Let's start over anew. All shares must be Family Friendly!



We are a friendly caring family looking for true friendship and life long

Friends. A place for ladies to come and chat about your day on incredimail.



Looking for Tubes, Kits, Fonts, Etc.

For your tagging needs, then look no farther.

We are the group for you.

Participation is a must, No Lurkers.


Fun N Easy

We are a copyright compliant group sharing PSP tubes.

Only the Owners will share tubes in this group. Members can share brushes, wordart, free links, stats etc. We do not allow sharing of PTU items. If you would like to join us and learn about copyright information and

share some great PSP related items, this is the group for you.


Fun World

Looking for a list where everything is shared,?

Stop looking then,we share Blank Tags, Tubes,

Scrap Kits,Music, Recipe's and so much more.

We also have game's every week. We Spoil a member each

week.We are rated G-AC. There is a 2 send requirement,

each week to stay and have tons of Fun!

High Volume Mail at times. Come in and join the fun,

I am telling you that you will not be disappointed!

Fun World does have it all!! 


GhostsGoblins N Gore

Welcome to our ghostly halls!  We share Halloween

year round and ask that everyone shares at least 5 times

a month.  Check out our home page for more info


Goth Divas

Our group shares Fantasy and mild to medium Goth graphics, tubes, fonts etc.

We are G - SAC no frontal nudity! All SAC must be noted in the subject line.

All members share weekly. Please read the home page before joining.


Go Tubing Lessons - MEMBERS

This group challenges you to use your imagination. You will

be using a tube that you already have or one that you found

on the internet. You are not making a tube. A written lesson

is supplied, and you must make the tube work with the lesson

exactly as it is written. This is a different concept and will

give you a chance to be creative and do something fun and

different. A questionnaire will be sent to all who apply for

membership – if this is not returned to us membership will

be rejected. Once received you will be appointed a Moderator

who will contact you with further instructions.


Heart Smiles For You

I will be sharing a variety of wonderful emails to makes your

Heart Smile that will include sweet poems, heartwarming

stories, animal pics, jokes, comics etc. Each Heart Smile

that arrives in your mailbox will be dipped in sweetness,

patted with hugs & sprinkled with smiles to brighten up

your day.


Hello and Welcome To All-Animals-Big-N-Small

This is a Family Friendly Incredimail share group for those of us

who love Animals.You must have and use Incredimail to be in this

group. This group is dedicated to all 4 legged  animals. Any and

all animals may be shared from domestic to farm animals to wildlife.

Monkey apes and gorillas are accepted as well. This is a Family

Friendly Share Group This is a share group and lurkers will be removed.


Hello and Welcome To Cartoons-N-More

This in an Incredimail share and snag group and was made and dedicated to

all cartoons whether new or old. No limit on daily shares so please

jump in and share what you have...Hoping you join in and share what

you have been collecting...Please share as lurkers will be removed

I am so glad you've stopped by for a visit and hope you enjoy your stay!...


Hi And Welcome To Birds-Of-A-Feather-Flock-Together

This is a Family Friendly Incredimail share group for those of us

who love Birds.You must have and use Incredimail to be in this group.

If you have a love for birds then I am sure you will enjoy it here.

Come on in and fly along with us. Please share as lurkers will be removed...


Hide & Seek Lessons - MEMBERS

Don’t “Mask” your talent. Be an “Alpha” and join our new Mask & Layer group.

Unleash the hidden side of PSP. Masks & Alphas are two of the most

under-used but fascinating tools in PSP. Join us as you explore

the fun of a behind-the-scenes peek at these two things that

remain quietly in the background until discovered by adventurous

PSP’ers. A questionnaire will be sent to all who apply for

membership – if this is not returned to us membership will be

rejected.  Once received you will be appointed a Moderator

who will contact you with further instructions.


Holiday Times

Calling all you Holiday Lovers Out there.

We share all holidays tags, tubes, comp sets,

whatever you like .. We also send all 4 seasons.

so please come check us out.. 2 sends per week is required to stay with us!



Hello everyone...I have created this group for the Christmas lovers.

Christmas all year long. Please jump in and join us.

Remember this is a sharing group and lurkers will be removed


House Of Darkness

Are you looking to join a house of horror?

Well look no further, nothing cute about this group.

Blood, Gore,Evil,Goth,Horror anything that would

scare is what we share here. Tubes, Tags, Graphics,

much more. If you like this sort of stuff join.

Sending is required. Sorry No Lurkers!!

Group is on Group ..Io


House of Tubes

We Like to Share All Kinds of Tubes and Other Related

Items No Lurkers Please 2 Sends a Week



Come join our family friendly Incredimail letter sharing group.

It is required that everyone share once a week, more if possible.

No lurkers allowed. You MUST have incredimail to join!

Check out our home page for more information.



Every day will be a different daily theme and no limits to the amount you

can share. I will try to put the theme on the bottom of each email for each

day. We will have member request weekends. So if you need certain stats for

other theme groups you can get them then. I know I hate when I lose

everything and have to start all over again. This group will help you

rebuilt your collection. This will be a very high volume group so please

take note of that. No AC



Small group for sharing incredimail stats, etc


JES Plugins Lessons - MEMBERS

This is a PSP Plugin Group.

You must have plugins installed and working. In this group you

will use lots of different Plugins to create different effects.

We offer the lessons Only in English. You will receive an email

from the owner, it is a requirement that you answer this email

as soon as possible, without your returned email we can NOT

accept your membership! We are glad to have you join us, and

hope you enjoy the lessons. Most of all, have fun while you

learn. A questionnaire will be sent to all who apply for

membership – if this is not returned to us membership will

be rejected.  Once received you will be appointed a Moderator

who will contact you with further instructions.



This is where I will share my Creations, there will be blanks for most all of my

creations. Please join me.. I will be the only one posting so mail volume will be low. I will share Flowers and Florals, Cute, Victorian, Vintage, Kids and Christian.

Everything Family Friendly will be shared here. I share Incredimail stats.


Just Music Maddness

Do you love all kinds of music? We share MP3's.

We have 1 send requirement per week.

All types of music and requests up to a full CD.

If you are wanting to fill your music library then please apply.

Established March 2007. Owned by MistyRoseJava.


Karen Loves Animations

Everything must be an animation (asst anis, alphas, comp sets,

tutorials, TOTD, etc.)


Karen's Delites

A Variety of shares including Tutorials, Programs, Games,

Everything PSP Related.(Scrapkits, Fonts, Masks, Frames, Word Art),

You name it, I send it.


Karen's Sending Tubes

Tubes from all Great Tubers; Mail will be sent by me only.

Approx 2 Days every 1 or 2 Weeks; MOTW; Occasional share days.

Lots of tubes on send days!


Karen Sending Puzzles

Do you enjoy receiving jigsaw puzzles? Then this is the group to

join. Only jigsaw puzzles will be sent.


Katskandies Tag Offer Group

If you like tags with your name on then look no further!

I make tags that are everything from cute to Sac. I am the only one offering.

It is as simple as hitting reply and telling me what names you would like.


~ Label It "Linda" ~

If you're name is Linda, and you enjoy sharing and snagging "Linda" tags,

then join us in this laid-back snag/share group just for "Linda" tags.



This is a Paint Shop Pro Group where you will have fun creating various

tags for Celebrations and Events around the World and more! Please fill out

our Questionnaire that you will receive in our Welcome post and send that

back to us ASAP


Let's Get Moving Lessons - MEMBERS

This group will Move you thru the winding streets of animation,

teaching you different technique along the way. There’s so much

to explore. So, Move in with us for a while. You’ll be glad

you did. Must have Animation Shop Experienced PSP’ers only.

A questionnaire will be sent to all who apply for membership

– if this is not returned to us membership will be rejected. 

Once received you will be appointed a Moderator who will

contact you with further instructions.



Hello everyone this group will be sharing a little bit of everything.

Anything can be shared except AC. I would love all members to share

because I figure why belong to a group if your not going to participate.

Lurkers will be removed


LoveMy AlphasAnd TagsGroup

This is a tag and alpha request and sharing group. We have awesome

taggers, who take requests. We also have some fantastic alpha

creators & sharers! Members send in requests along with the alphas

of their choice. This is for all the tag lovers out there.

We know you will have fun so why not stop in and try us out!


Mimi's Blank Tags

We share blank tags only.  G - SAC No tags are offered

New members must post within 3 days of joining.

Members must share weekly to remain active with the group


Moms Sharing Stationery And Tags

A group to share IM stationery, tags, music & recipes. No AC. You need

Incredimail to join. Ladies only. Participation required. High volume.


Music Alley

Welcome to Music AlleyThis group is for Lovers of Music!  All kinds of Genres played here. Must have Incredimail and MUST share to stay in the group

High Volume at Times.  Great stats & Music!  Come on in!  You'll love the music!

Owner: Misdonna, Mod:Marie



If you have a love of Sue Dreamer, Debbie Mumm, Mary Englebreit ,

Ruth Morehead, Precious Moments, Maxine, Tatty Teddy and House

Mouse then please join me and share the ones you have collected.

I have huge folders of them and hoping to snag and share with everyone.........

Please share as lurkers will be removed


Native American Incredimail Group

We share Native American, Wildlife Stats,

N/A History and Legends. No A/C or S/A/C is Ever Allowed.

Weekends are free shares - Lurkers are allowed.

You Must have Incredimail. You may get it free: **



This group is dedicated to Native American shares. I have quite a

collection to share as well. Sharing is a must or you will be removed.

Thanks for checking us out.....



Do you like listening to doo wop and rockin to the oldies, then this

is the group For you,,pull up a chair and join the party, listen

to some of the best of days gone by tunes.. All are welcome to join **



We are a tagging and sharing group we share alphas and blank tags only

the tags must have no writing on them they can be Animated or nonanimated

transparent or with a background. Our taggers offer alpha name tags and tags.

Come join the fun of requesting, snagging and sharing with us,

taggers are always welcome.


Only Cute Tags

If you like cute or pretty animated and non animated tags then this is the place to be. This is a group where you can request any of the tags offered and Mystery tags as well. This is a family oriented group so there will be no A/C allowed in this group. I am looking for taggers to do togs without Adult content

and only family friendly tags for members.



Only Creators will share and tags will be offered at creator's preference!

Members may snag stats and tags, if offered! You to do not have to be a

creator to join! But it is a must that creators share their own creations that

they have made, by tutorial or on their own!


Picture Perfect Graphics

G--rated list... PSP, animations, backgrounds, graphics, scraps,

fonts, masks, tubes  No lurking allowed! To join, we require a

signed disclaimer and two (2) shared e-mails per week. There

is no limit to the amount of emails you can share.

Give us a try and click Here >>>Sign Me Up!


Plethora Lessons - MEMBERS

The Plethora for PSP Group is designed for advanced members

only. You must know how to work with plugins, masks, and blending.

The intent of this group is to give you a better understanding

of working with PSP. A questionnaire will be sent to all who

apply for membership – if this is not returned to us membership

will be rejected.  Once received you will be appointed a

Moderator who will contact you with further instructions.


Prevail against Stroke Management

Stroke affects our life with major changes in our life, we need

understanding, and at least some moral support, a place to

vent and get some helpful ideas from others on how they

cope, all this is the aim of this group and you would benefit

from communicating with others who are going through

similar situations whether Stroke survivers themselves or

caregivers, all of us need moral support encouragement

and understanding if you feel you need to get some moral

support, encouragement and compassion, whether you are

a caregiver or a stroke survivor, we in this group can help,

WE CARE  even if no-one else does your words MATTER

to us, so come join us we can  go on



Relaxed copyright compliant PSP Group for tags, tuts, and other random fun.

We work in Paint shop pro and animation shop.  Some also use Photoshop & ArtRage Been out of PSP for awhile?   Want to refresh your skills?

Do you like to make goodies for others to snag? Tag Offers welcome!

Don't Create tags or stats but love to use them???  No problem,

we will have goodies for you to collect!!!

Come on over and read our group description to see if its a fit for you!!!


PSP Step by Step

Come learn PSP from the very beginning! This is a go

at your own pace group. No Mods, no minimum requirements!

Lesson in the files section of the home page. Go to the link for this group and read the description. Hope to see you there


PSP Times Three

We are a group that loves to have fun in PSP and

making friends along the way. We have weekly

Challenges and Activities. Our group is unique has

when you complete a challenge or activity, you

earn a Heart. When you have collected 10 hearts,

you will receive a gift from one of the pay to use

companies. We always have a Wednesday challenge

where you can always win a gift. Be aware that we

are a copyright compliant group. So anything you

create needs to have correct copyright on it.

If you join you are under no obligation to do all the

challenges. We don't set time restraints



This group is an incredimail group to share anything to do with Beaches, Sand, Sand Castles, Beach Chairs,Sea Shells, Lighthouses, Ocean, Waves, Dolphins, Starfish, Boats in the water, Anything Scenic with Sunset/Sunrise over the water. Come relax with us at the beach. Please no lurking. No AC. Participation is required and you must have Incredimail to join.






Hi There I am Reopening this Group for Testing My Tutorials.

I needed too take some time away from this for awhile

This Group is a P.S.P Group which stands for Paint Shop Pro

You might be able too use P.I which stands for Photo Impact but have a different Concept, It is done using Incredimail as well Letter Creator also Word Document.

I hope I can offer you all some different things for you all  Hope you enjoy your stay. Please be advised that When Testing in this Group I would like

for you Testers to not share the Tutorials until i have them Released

You May share your Results in other Groups but not the Tutorials

until I have them Released Thank-you for your Understanding with this.



Hello And Welcome To REQUEST-A-STAT

....This group is for those who need certain stats for themes or a

special occasion. Between the members and myself I believe we can

come up with what is needed when a request is put in for a certain stat.

Thanks for peeking in to see what this group is all about.......


Roses hearts n butterflies

This is an Incredimail group for sharing stats with the

theme of roses, hearts or butterflies. You must have

incredimail to join this group. **



We just got back from the North Pole after a fantastic visit with Santa Claus! You can share anything related to Christmas in this group and we ask that you share year round.  G - SAC Come check us out.


Scents Adz

Interested in Advertising Open to All Browsers

Only Open for Owners, List Leaders, and Ad Manager

Sending Each Week on Monday's


Scraps With Friends

If you create in PSP with Scrap's then you found your place.

We are the hottest Scrap List out there. Are you looking for

just Scraps? Then let me tell you that you found it.

We share all kinds of Scrap's here.

Looking for some new Scraps to build your collection up?

Then really STOP .. You will find it all right here.

2 sends per week is required to stay in.

Sorry No Lurkers!!

We are a sharing and caring group.

Group is on Group Io


Secret Taggers Take 2

Are you a siggy piggy? Do you like making and receiving tags?

How bout collecting tags? Then welcome to Secrettaggers Take 2

At least 10 tags for the week is required. . All you have to remember

to gather tags for your partner and by the way.... SHHHHHHHHH its

a secret. So join us and watch all your signature tags come to life.


Sharecuzicare Creations

This group is where I share my Incredimail letters that I create.

They are all family-friendly. You will find no AC here.

Group mail volume is low. I hope to see you there!


Siggy Piggies Paradise

We are a group of taggers who love to make tags for all you siggy piggies!

We have some fantastic taggers, with a large variety of tags.

Come join us and have fun, all we ask is a Please and a Thank you


Silver's Designs

If you like Incredimail Letters then this is the place for you. I will share my
tutorials. Do not upload my tutorials to any other sites/groups or translate my tutorials without my written permission. If you have any questions or need help just ask me. Sit back relax and enjoy!



This group is for members to share Incredimail Stationery, either

their own creation or letters you have snagged. Family-friendly.

No AC please. We would love to have you join us!


Snows Shares and Tags

This is a "Family Friendly" Incredimail Group. G-rating!

NO AC, SAC of any kind is to be shared. Nothing indecent -sexy-lusty

Or in-appropriate. If in doubt - Please ask ME before sharing.

"CLASSY" is perfectly OK. NO POLITICS are to be shared here either.

No advertising other group's by link's or invitation's to join other group's

Allowed unless approved my ME-personally.


Sparkles N Shine

If you are looking for a place to relax and make new friends, then

Sparkles N Shine is the group for you. We are a group that has caring,

friendly members. We opened in January 2006, and we are rated G to

AC. We offer a range of activities from Psp challenges to games.

We share all of the usual things like tubes, tags, fonts, recipes,

jokes, music, graphics, animations. You must be 18 years or older

to join. We cannot accept yahoo members due to the rate limit they

impose.This is a no-drama list...we are all here to have fun, relax,

and make new friends. Sending requirement is two per month. We have

forwarders to help you. So, if you are interested, what are you

waiting for? We would love to have you join :)



This is a group created to share all your Halloween stats you have

saved over time. Please no blood and gore tho.that's really gruesome......

Jump in and enjoy....Lurkers will be removed


Steampunk Society

This group shares Steampunk only, G to SAC, NO nudity.  We share psp tubes alphas, graphics, pngs, blank tags, etc. New members must share within 5 days of joining. Taggers of Steampunk tags are welcome!


Swinging Guys and Dolls

On AOL Open To All Browsers Formerly Known as Musical Paradise

Looking for All Music Eras in All Types of Music

We are Here to Send All Kinds of Music from 50's to the Present

2 Sends a Week Mail Could be Heavy at Times! No Lurkers Please



This is a different type of tag group, we tag once a month

offering 10 tags per tagger. The taggers have until the next

TagAthon to get your tags back to the members. Our

ratings are G-SAC.  Come check us out at the link above. 


Tags ETC

We are an always list for people who don't have time to request. Tags

range from G-SAC. No nudity ever!!! Members may send blanks and

alphas to taggers and taggers will make tags for the whole list. Members

are only allowed 2-3 names. This group should be low volume as only

taggers post.  



Like Having Fun???
Tags N More is a list where we share tags or anything else that
catches our eye. We offer a Request Page, Theme/Word/Color/Letter of the Day, Weekly Games, and a Daily Math Challenge. Rated G-SAC - No nudity. Open Monday thru Friday. We have taggers and forwarders to assist when needed.
One send per week required. The only mail that HAS to be read are ones marked DND. Come Give Us A Try and Join Our Family!


T and L Sharing IM Fun

Welcome to a fun group that shares Incredimail stats.

If you have the tag and some cute music to go with it

please go ahead and share that too. We share family-oriented

stats and tags for Incredimail Only. We chat a bit along the

way, and have fun sharing.. We are a PG group so no full nudity or A/C or Goth


The Cherokee Gang

This Group is for ANYTHING USED with Incredimail,or Wikmail! PSP,MUSIC,

JOKES etc! Please Be Aware This Is A High Volume Group! SAC is allowed,

meaning no genitals or nipples showing please.

Absolutely NO GOTHIC, NO EAC!



This group was created for sharing Incredimail letters of the

Wonderous beauty of the 4 seasons. All Shares Must Be Family Friendly.

No limited to the amount of shares. Participation required.



This is an Incredimail sharing group where we can share all Holidays.

If you love the Holidays then come and join us.We would love to have you!

All Shares Must Be Family Friendly. No limit to the amount of shares.

Participation required.


The Library Cafe

Calling all bibliophiles! We offer forwarded newsletters from bookstores and ebook vendors to help you find your next fav read, book chat, WAYCR?, and possibly more. Whether it's from children's to adult, It doesn't matter what you read, as long as you're reading. So, again... "What are you currently reading?"


The Local Cafe

Previously known as The Sig Club.  We share just about anything including blank tags, fonts etc. Tags are offered. G - SAC We ask new members post within 3 day of joining. All members share weekly.


The Real Chatting Friends Group

A place to chat and make some nice friendships. Please join

only if you are willing to chat and make friends


Trick or Treat

Only kind of goodies shared in this group is Halloween or light goth.

We share anything PSP or PS as long as its rated G - SAC and Halloween

or light goth related.  Please see our home page.


Trace's Treasures

On Open to All Browsers

This is a Variety list for Graphics, Tags, Recipes,Games, PSP

Stuff, Request List and a little bit of this and that. Also

sending music, movies and programs as requests. This group

will be Rated G to R with all adult content marked,as not to

offend anyone, or to be opened in front of the kids.


Tubes from all Great Tubers

Tubes from all Great Tubers; Mail will be sent by me only.

Approx 2 Days every 1 or 2 Weeks; MOTW;

Lots of tubes on send days!


Tutorials by Eric

Here is where I will be sharing my Paint Shop Pro tutorials.

The mail volume will be low as i will be the only one posting.

When you join please set yourself to Individual Mail and Traditional,

so you can view my tutorials. You are most welcome to share

my tutorials with other groups or friends.


tv movies IM

Incredimail group for tv shows, movies and the actors in them.

This group requires you to have and use incredimail stationary.

We will share IM stats tags/extras only.



Webville Ladies was founded in 1998. ChitChatLadies has now

merged with us. Our membership is open to women of mature

status, (Over 40+ please) who are looking for a safe place to

make new lasting friendships on the web. Topics can include

menopause, health issues, recipes, crafts, gardening, dieting,

exercising, TV shows, music, movies etc. You can talk about

anything that matters to you except those two trouble

makers, religion and politics. NO LURKERS!  **



This group will be dedicated to a different weekly theme. This will

be a good chance to sort and share all those stats we have been saving...

Incredimail is a must so that we can all enjoy what is shared

Sundays will be the beginning of a new weekly theme .and will be

posted a month in advance. Hoping you join me!!! Lurkers will be removed


We Understand the Pain

If you have depression, anxiety, PTSD, or have ever been abused … If you have any type of physical pain due to a disability or the aforementioned abuses.. If you need a safe place to vent, where you won't be judged for language, then you've come to the right place. 18+ ONLY (for the safety of our members, we cannot admit anyone with certain Personality or Psychotic Disorders.)


You Me and PSP

A group to come together to share your creativity With a weekly

challenge list sent out. Participation is a must.




All About PSP And Fun

Experience and creative moderator to maintain group participation

Tag maker for game/challenge winners and participants.


Artistic Dreams Imaging

Looking for individuals who are experienced in tubing.

For more info, please contact Linda at:  artistic_dreams@...


Celebrity SigTags

Looking for someone who can create a tag and put them

up for request. Just email me here Taggers Needed



need new moderatiors

I know it is hard to sometimes find holiday you

may send other things as well just be careful what it is......

just remember NO ADULT CONTENT....We celebrate all holidays

and the 4 Seasons all year long. We share tubes, stats, extras,

alpha's, blanks, graphics, anything pertaining to a Holiday or

Season/music/tags/ No Jokes/No Adult Content. This is a

sharing group. Note: this group can be very high volume at times.

Please take that into consideration when joining.

Some days you may receive 100 + messages.

Other days not many at all.



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