Friends N Tagz
FNT is a variety list.
We share everything but
the kitchen sink!!!  We're rated G to AC,
so you must be 18 to join.  We have
MOTW and games.  So come on and
join in on the fun, you won't be sorry!!
We'll leave the light on for ya!!!

Come join a diversified list which has Naughtiness as well as Auto Racing.  Come share with us your love for the wild and naughty adult theme, everything from G to XXX, hunky men, luscious ladies, adult jokes, & cartoons.  Also come enjoy your love for auto racing, from NASCAR to short track racing and everything in between.  We are an open list in which every send is a good one, no matter what!  No beastiality or child porn is tolerated.
We have games, auto racing news, QOTD, and so much more.  We share tubes, tags, pics, graphics, jokes, cartoons, and all kinds of stuff.  We are family and would love to welcome you into ours.  So don't be shy, because we aren't, and come play with us...
Send me a Disclaimer to NAUGHTY PITSTOPS!
 Faith's Heavenly Fun 
This list is dedicated to the Lord Jesus 
We have games, challenges, contests, and all sorts of things
If you don't know psp, I will help you...
We have members that  
personalize your graphics for you.
We share birthdays,
have prayer requests and wonderful praise reports
We have a lot to offer
This list is strictly pg.
So why not sign up and join in the fun with me.
click on this link..I will respond
If you have a friend who would like to join, send this link on to them
EBook Swappers
Love Bio's, cookbooks, self help, craft, mysteries and more! 
This list is rated G-EAC so no one under 21 may join.
To Join - Simply send an email ......
Subject:  EBOOK SWAPPERS - DND - Please Send Disclaimer 
(karensdelites sent me)




We are a fun group, rated G to A/C and new members are welcome. We share items related to PSP, have challenges, games. Mail is High Volume. Participation required weekly. Please use preview of images being shared. Open what you want, delete what you don't. Mail is High Volume.  NO LURKERS ALLOWED!



 We are a new WAR group and new members are welcome.

We have WAR shares monthly and participation is required.

Wars may happen at any time!

I Want to play in the war


Anyone's Tags
Anyone would like to Collect, Receive and Send out
Tags, Comps and Backgrounds and this is a list to get anything.
Open To All Browsers
Minimum 1 Send a Week to Start
No Lurkers Please
Open Already with Less Members
I would like an Invite Please
Swinging Guys and Dolls
Both on EmailDoDo and AOL
Open To All Browsers
Formerly Known as Musical Paradise
Looking for All Music Eras
in All Types of Music
We are Here to Send All Kinds of Music from
50's to the Present
2 Sends a Week
Mail Could be Heavy at Times!
No Lurkers Please
Scents Adz
Interested in Advertising
Open to All Browsers
Only Open for Owners, List Leaders, and Ad Manager
Sunshine Tubes
No Drama and/or No Lurkers
Now on
Open To All Browsers
Any One Would Love Tubes, Tubes and More Tubes
What Can be Shared, are Wallpaper, Tubes, Sets and Backgrounds
Trace's Treasures
Open to All Browsers
This is a Variety list for Graphics, Tags, Recipes,Games, PSP Stuff, Request List and a little bit of this and that. Also sending music, movies and programs as requests. This group will be Rated G to R with all adult content marked,as not to offend anyone, or to be opened in front of the kids.
Fun World
Looking for lot's of fun, well our name say's it all.
Looking for a list where everything is shared,?
Stop looking then,we share Blank Tags, Tubes,
Scrap Kits,Music, Recipe's and so much more.
We also have game's every week. We Spoil a member each
week.We are rated G-AC. There is a 2 send requirement,
each week to stay and have tons of Fun!
High Volume Mail at times. Come in and join the fun,
I am telling you that you will not be disappointed!
Fun World does have it all!!
Been open since May 2008 What you waiting on , come in?
Group is on Group Io

Scrappin With Friends
If you create in PSP with Scrap's then you found your place.
We are the hottest Scrap List out there. Are you looking for
just Scraps? Then let me tell you that you found it.
We share all kinds of Scrap's here.
Looking for some new Scraps to build your collection up?
Then really STOP . You will find it all right here.
2 sends per week is required to stay in.
Sorry No Lurkers!!
We are a sharing and caring group.
Group is on Group Io | Home 

"Just Totally Cute"
Well the name says it all.
We are rated G only.
Tags, Tubes, & other Psp
Related Items are allowed.
Lot's of cuteness going around in here.!
So if you like G rated things,
Come on in..

Colored Ad's Site
Are you looking for a great colorful place to run your
ads? Then look no further. All ads are accepted.
Pick you own Colors! Any Rating Ads can be
ran here. Ads will go out 2 times a month.
So what are you waiting on Pretty up them ads and
get them on the site.
Group is on Group Io

Blanks A Galore
Looking for Blank Tag Only. Well this is your spot.
The only thing that can be sent to this group are Blank
Non or Animated Tags, nothing else.
There is a 2 send per week requirement.
Rated G-AC!!! Group Io!
Easy way to get some awesome blank tags to use for game winners,
or your personal use. All Credit Goes to the Creator's!! | Home

**Friends & Tubes**
Calling All Tube Lovers Out There!!!
Hey You Yea You Reading This Are You Crazy
Over Tubes And Love To Share And Snag Them?
We Are Rated G-R Must Be 18 Yrs To Join.
2 Send Requirement Per Week Is A Must To Stay.
High Volume Mail At Times.
100% Drama Free.
In Every Send You Make. | Home

Best Tags & Tube Wars
Voted number 1 War on the net now day's.
So calling all you Tag and Tube Lover's out there
come in and join the fun. Got crazy with the rest of us!
Wars are once a month Friday Thru Sunday's !
Mail is VERY Heavy, we get over 1,000 plus shares.
We are Rated G-AC. There is a 20 send per war required to
keep doing the war's with us.
Everyone must send there first 20 share's within the first
12 hours of the war, not hard to do!
Stop Looking for Lots Of Fun , Tubes and Tags Join us Today!
Some War's are Themed!!
Group is on Group Io

Sexy Playroom
Like to spice up your mail box with some clean adult things.?
We share Tube's, Tags, Graphics, and more as long as it's
sexy. This group is rated SAC to AC.,
please remember this isjust for fun and this is for good taste things
No Porn, Sex Acts,
are allowed. Clean Adult Tubes, Tags and more only please.
No Cute Stuff Here Ever will ever been seen!
2 Sends per week is required to stay with us checking out the
Hunks and Ladies :)
Don't be shy step in the playroom and let's start playing.
Group is on Group Io

House Of Darkness
Are you looking to join a house of horror?
Well look no further, nothing cute about this group.
Blood, Gore,Evil,Goth,Horror anything that would
scare is what we share here. Tubes, Tags, Graphics,
much more. If you like this sort of stuff join.
Sending is required. Sorry No Lurkers!!
Group is on Group .Io

The North Pole
Are you in LOVE with Christmas?
The stop looking and get in here.
We share everything to do with Christmas
We are rated G-AC
Everyone must send or your be put
on the Naughty List
So Come Play with Santa and His Elves.
Don't Forget Be Good Santa Is Watching Us. | Home

Addicted To Animation's
Comp Set's - Tag's - Animation's to create - Bling's -and more.
Rated G-AC some adult animations might be sent so we want everyone to be safe in here so all must be marked. Again failing to do so you will be removed.
Never send any Incredimail you will be removed please turn that off when sending here!!!!!! ** | Home 

We are here to send Comp Set's - Extra's -Days Of The Week (Dotw) that is it..We are Rated G -AC  
This is a sharing group everyone must send at least 2 sets a week. There are plenty out there to share..!!
No Drama of any kind will be allowed we will remove anyone for doing it..
Let's Have Lots Of Fun..!!!!!!!!! ** | Home | Home
Animal Kingdom, is only for Animals , that is all that will be sent here.
Tube's - Tag - Graphic's - Comp Set's - Etc as long as it is animal related it can be sent here.
Rated G-AC Only because of scary looking Animals such as Snakes, and things.
Snakes,Lions, Puppies, Kittens, Bears, Spiders plus more will and can be sent here..
Everyone must send to stay in the Kingdom!!! 
Please no Incredimail it is not allowed here please turn it off when sending, if you fail to do so your be asked to leave. ** | Home
Hello, this is my new group, its not a sharing group,
as a matter of fact this group is only myself sending.
I will be sending all sorts of things. I have all sorts
of things. All I do ask from you all
please do not resend these emails to my personal
groups that's the point me getting rid of the stuff..
So grab yourself a Drink and Snack and join the crowd.

We are back and we are not shutting down,
I been asked by so many to make this group again
Please remember this is only holidays
any holidays anytime.

Celebs Only, Meaning anyone who is a Celeb, can be sport members , tv shows, movies, musicians, whatever as long as there a Celeb. Tubes, Tags anything is okay to send here as long as its some sort of Celebs.

This is reopening soon this will be a Ads Page List. This is going to be different from the Ads Site. Everyone is allowed to join. Do not worry about cutting your ads down to a certain words. I do not believe in that. I mean do not make a BOOK lol but you know what I mean. No set Date really depends on how many members I get and how fast. **

Nuts Over Mist
 Calling all the Mist Tube Lovers out there.
Do you like to collect mist tubes, like to
see them pretty mist tubes.
Then stop looking this is the place for you!!
We are a sharing list . There is a 2 send
requirement weekly. Highly enforced.
Rated G-R.
No Lurkers allowed! Please Read Home Page !

Creative Time
Looking for all members that love to Create.
Do you like to just do challenges and create?
Challenges will be done M-F..
No Bashing anyone's creations allowed.
Everyone must do at least 2 challenges a week.
So what are you waiting for get in here and start
some new creations.
Please Make Sure you Read Home Page

Crazy Over Pngs
We are a Fun Sharing Png Tube's Only
group, so if you like to collect and share
png tubes only, come check us out.
Please check out the home page.
We are a sharing group everyone must share
weekly, highly enforced.
Rated G-R

Crazy About Graphics
That is right we only share Graphic's here.
No Tags or Tubes ever allowed here.
We are a sharing list so everyone must send.
2 sends per week is required this is highly inforced.
Please read the home page !
Rated G-R

Beach Bums
Beach & Summer Themes
Anything Related to Beaches, Under The Sea,
Nautical, Fish, Sea, Dolphins, 
Whales, Scenes, Etc.
Tubes, Tags, Graphics, Frames, Kits,
anything but must be related to the Beach Theme.

Weekend World
Are you bored or kinda bored on the weekends. Well here you will not be bored.
Each and every weekend we will have a different theme to send. Only that Theme will be send Late Thursday Nights 
Til Sunday Nights
We will be Rated G-R depending on the Theme that weekend.
You must do at least 3 wars per month.You can always search for your sends.
New things are always Better!!!!
25 Sends Per War is a must.!!
Please Check Out Home Page For Details
Sparkles N Shine

If you are looking for a place to relax and make new friends, then S
parkles N Shinis the group for you. We are a group that has caring, friendly members. We opened in January 2006, and we are rated G to AC. We offer a range of activities from Psp challenges to games. We share all of the usual things like tubes, tags, fonts, recipes, jokes, music, graphics, animations. You must be 18 years or older to join. All mail is bcc'd for privacy. We cannot accept yahoo members due to the rate limit they impose.This is a no-drama list...we are all here to have fun, relax, and make new friends. Sending requirement is two per month. We have forwarders to help you. So, if you are interested, what are you waiting for? We would love to have you join :)


This group will be sharing books of all kinds.
This is a book only group.
Everyone can share their favorite books.
Mail can be heavy at times.

Do you enjoy receiving jigsaw puzzles?
Then this is the group to join.
Only jigsaw puzzles will be send.

A variety of shares including tutorials, programs, games;
Everything PSP related.
(Scrap kits, fonts, masks, frames, word art, etc.),
You name it, I send it.
Mail is sent several times a week by me only.
Members can share on 'Share Day.'
A link will be sent to the group for sharing.

Tubes from all great tubers.
Mail will be sent by me only.
I share once every 1 or 2 weeks.
Lots of tubes on send days! 

Everything must be an animation.
We Have Daily TOTD.
(asst. anis, alphas, comp sets, tutorials, etc.)
Come give us a try.

All types of movies and music is shared.
This is a sharing group.
Mail can be heavy at times.
Come give us a try.

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