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A La Carte IM
We share all types and themes of Incredimail Stats.
Weekly participation is encouraged, even if it's just to say hi on an Incredimail stat.
 Members sharing is what makes a Group successful.
Creators and Snaggers are always' welcome!
Greetings Angel (I speak dutch and English)

A Toon Today Tags
We ARE NOT affiliated with any other Cartoon Group.
Only Cartoon Tags will be offered  and Nothing Else.
They can be animated or non animated
G Rated - no Goth, SAC
If you enjoy Cartoons please join us!
Always Looking for Taggers
(See Home Page for more information)

A Cozy Space
Cozy Space for the nicest people,
We are a friendly group to make friends, talk and share all sorts of awesome stuff.

A Magical Kingdom of Stats


Members encouraged to share.

"G" Rated  Can be High Volume at times
See Home Page for More Information

Pending Application using an IM Letter needs to be sent in before being approved

A Magical Kingdom of Tags

Are you a Siggy Piggy? Do you like to see tags with your name? Do you collect tags? 

Our MANY TAGGERS offer you a wide variety of tags from Cute, Pretty, Glitter and Sparkles,

Dolls, Pink, Furbabies and Animals,  Animated and non animated.

Many of the taggers ONLY tag for THIS GROUP


No SAC or Goth - Family Friendly. See Home Page for More Information.

Always Looking for TAGGERS


A Tube A Day

It's PSP/IM, we send out 5 tubes & 5 graphics on Monday, Members create
with them all week and share their results.
It's fun to see all the unique creations, but with the same tubes.
Stats or Tags. Also, TUT Challenges.

Advertise your Groups with Us!
The ads letter is sent out once a week
Owners- Co-Owners, Mods or Members can join
As long as you are willing to send the letter to your group.
We are very dependable and your group's ad will be seen by many.
New members will come your way.
All About PSP and Fun
We are a fun group rated G to A/C with tasteful images (marked in subject line).
New members are welcome. Please use preview of images being shared.
Open what you want, delete what you don't. We do games & challenges.
 Mail is High Volume. Participation is required.

Animation Shop Basics
Join this group to learn Basic Animation Techniques using Animation Shop.
This is a go at your own pace G rated group.
No Mods, No Minimum Requirements!
Lessons are in the Files Section of the group's page.
(Check out the home page for more information)

Animals Only
This group share only Animal PSP things...tubes, extras, alphas.. Graphics, Tags
It just has to be animals
So animal lovers come and join the group
Laufey - Owner

Arlette's Sunny Little Paradise Part1
Everything related to graphics from Alphas, to Animations, Comps, Extras, Tubes,
Misted images,  Incredimail Stats for those who collect them. This is not an Incredimail group.
You can join in with your regular email. You do not need to install Incredimail if you do not want to,
Join us and have fun with all of us, here, in the group.

Awesome PSP Friends
Welcome to Awesome-PSP-Friends
We are a Incredimail Sharing Group & We Share Tubes etc.
We share Tasteful Adult,,, No Extreme Adult will be allowed. No Exceptions!
Have A Nice Day/Night
Carol Link, Owner  Debbie Kuta, Co-Owner
No More than (10) Shares per day "Only"
New Members Must Introduce Themselves within one week of Joining.

BB and Friends DOW
Welcome! Members share Boops and other graphics from creators all over the Internet.
Members post daily with a maximum of 50 per day and PLEASE NO ADULT CONTENT.
This is an Incredimail ONLY GROUP. Please use the TRADITIONAL setting only.
So come enjoy the fun with this great group!!!

If you love Ms. Boop. If you really want to save on your taxes, take paid vacations.
This group is for you or you want to book travel. Share traveling tips and suggestions.
This is a Travel Only Group, No Adult Content.
I ask that your setting should be on TRADITIONAL ONLY.
Please complete your profile before joining this group.

Bag of PSP Lessons
Like a magician, learn tricks within PSP as a member of the new group "Bag of PSP" lessons.
Each time you get a lesson, more of the magic world of PSP will open for you.
Dive into parts of PSP you haven't used before!!
Join us in pulling fun out of out "Bag".
Geared toward intermediate and advance practitioners.

Beat the Clock Quick Tags
Quick Tag Offers Only.
Offers may be open for X number of requests or open for X number of hours.
All less then 24 hours.
You can get many tags in this group.
Many of the taggers only tag for THIS GROUP. Other Taggers offer DIFFERENT tags to this group.
You have to Beat the Clock in order to receive a tag.
See Home Page for more Information.
TAGGERS WANTED who love to offer quick tags!

As the name implies we are a Family Friendly Incredimail share group who love to collect and share Bird, Bugs, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Ladybugs, Bees,and other small insects with wings.
Along with IM Letters/Stats we share Extras,Blanks,Wallpapers/Backgrounds as long as they follow the group theme.
Please check group homepage for more information on what is allowed and not allowed..

Blanks and Extras Only
We share blank tags and extras only
Also small animations to use on tags
Everyone can share
Welcome to the group
Laufey Owner

If you like headtags come join us.
You can share tubes stats blanks no ac slight ac ok come check us out

Circle of Friends
This group will be for my friends to share Incredimail stats and more.
This is a g-rated group.Please don't share anything a child can't see.
There is a limit on daily shares of 12-15 a member so no one gets overwhelmed..
Please join us here and have fun making friends. We will share Flowers,Vintage,Ladies,Kids,Beautiful Scenery.
.Family Friendly shares only.

Classic Stats
I will share stationery made in OE Classic.
You must have the OE Classic email program to see the stats properly.
 I will share my stats and if you are a creator using Classic then you can share yours here too.
I would love to have you join me and have some fun!
This is a family friendly group, so no A/C will be allowed.

This is a Family Friendly share group for those of us who love to use Incredimail.
We share anything that can be used in IncrediMail ...From IM Letters,Extras,Fonts,Alphas,Blinkies,etc..
We also share Wallpapers/Backgrounds and even a recipe or two..
ALL  Shares Will Be Family Friendly.
Please Check Home Page For More Information On What Can And Can Not Be Shared..

Creations By Rose
  Please feel free to share your stationery creations with us.
However, please note there will be no nuditiy,
AC/SAC, witchcraft, cults or off color "religion" allowed here. Also, no Halloween!
(See Home Page for More Information)

Creations Saskia
Here is where to receive my Incredimail stats. Most of them are animated.
I'm the only one to post. I don't send on a regular basis.
I'm French so can't understand everyone but I do my best.
I can read and write English, Italian and a little German.
I use a translator so please, excuse me in advance.

Creative Addictions Rose Garden
Everything PSP
Copyright compliant group.
Please create a license number at Pics For Design, and if you have a license for MPT/KG/CDO  that is fine too.
Must be 18+ to join. Must be willing to adhere to copyright laws. We accept AC/SAC, cute, G, PG rated.
We accept all free tubes, backgrounds, scrap kits, etc...
Everything basically that is PSP. Games, Challenges etc...

 Cute - and - Sweet
This group is for sharing cute and sweet things,g-rated only.
Please use Incredimail Only for posting.There is a daily limit of 12-15 a day for each member.
We will share all cute and sweet here on Incredimail stationery.
This group is a cute theme group. Please share only cute and sweet.
Delicious Low Budget Recipes
A place where all the delicious and fabulous recipes you will find here are based on
Low Budget recipes that anyone could afford and enjoy.
We welcome all recipes, from all over the world,
All ethnic group recipes are welcome and we would love you to share them, by posting. 
The magic words here are DELICIOUS LOW BUDGET.

Diamond Dollz Tags N More
This is a Head Tag Group and we love to make head tags. We are a Fun Loving group.
No Drama whatsoever. A/C, SAC Head Tags. No nudity.
You have to post at leas once a week to stay in the group.

We will share Flowers on Incredimail stationery.
The Incredimail stationery doesn't have to have all flowers
 on it,but a flower somewhere must be on the letters we share.
Please join and share your beautiful flower IM stationery.

Go Tubing For Members
This group challenges you to use your imagination.
You will be using a tube that you already have or one that you found on the Internet.
You aren't making a tube.  A written lesson is supplied and you must make the
 tube work with the lesson exactly as it is written.
This is a different concept and will give you a chance to be creative and do something fun and different.

Harry Potter Creations
This group has been around since the first Harry Potter movie aired.
We share tags, wallpapers, etc. From not only Harry Potter but Miscellaneous movies, TV shows, Books, Music, and more.
Participation is required.
If you are not a creator S&S is acceptable such as Extras, Fonts, and FTU Scraps.
No PTU shares.
No Tube shares.

Heart Smiles For You
We will be sharing a variety of wonderful emails to make your Heart Smile
 that will include sweet poems, heartwarming stories, animal pics, jokes, comics etc.
Each Heart Smile that arrives in your mailbox will be dipped in sweetness,
 patted with hugs & sprinkled with smiles to brighten up your day.

Hide and Seek PSP Lessons
Don't "Mask" your talent.
Be an "Alpha" and join our new Mask and Layer Group.
Unleash the hidden side of PSP. Masks & Alphas are two of the most under-used but fascinating tools in PSP.
Join us as you explore the fun and peek at these two things that remain quietly in the
background until discovered by you.

A small group for sharing incredimail stats and tags

J.E.S. Plugin group
This is a PSP Plugin group.
You must have plugins installed and working.
In this group you will use lots of different plugins to create different effects.
Please see our home page for more information

Joy Creations
I will post my new Incredimail Creations.  There will be blanks for some of my creations.
I will be the only one posting, so mail will be light.
You must have Incredimail to join! Please send me an Incredimail letter before I will approve you.
 I have started making Templates
 I will share Flowers,Cute,Victorian,Vintage,Kids and Christian.Everything Family Friendly will be shared here.

Just 4U Letters N Tags
This group is where I share my creations with matching tags,
that I will personalize for you. If you are a creator that likes to tag your creations
and personalize them for the group I would love for you to join us

KandBs BBA
This group will be sharing books of all kinds.

Karens Delites
A Variety of shares including Tutorials, Programs, Games, Everything PSP Related.
(Scrapkits, Fonts, Masks, Frames, Word Art), You name it, I send it.

Karen Loves Animations
Everything must be an animation (asst anis, alphas, comp sets, tutorials, etc.) TOTD

Karen Sending Puzzles
Do you enjoy receiving jigsaw puzzles?
Then this is the group to join. Only jigsaw puzzles will be sent

Tubes from all Great Tubers; Mail will be sent by me only.
Approx 2 Days every 1 or 2 Weeks; MOTW;
Occasional share days. Lots of tubes on send days!

Laufey Challenge Time
This is a group for you if you like to do challenges
I post challenges over the week and you make a tag from that
Here is no sharing....just posting challenge results
Join the group and have fun :)
Laufey owner

Let's Get Moving Lessons MEMBERS
Let's Get Moving. This group will move you thru the winding streets of animation,
Teaching you different techniques along the way.
There's so much to explore. So, move in with us for a while.
You'll be glad you did. Must have Animation Shop. Experienced PSP'ers only.

Lurkers Paradise
This is a group for lurkers who want to collect tubes and other PSP related things
I will be the only one who shares so the mail volume will not be high
Shares are G rated to tasteful SAC
So just sit back and enjoy
Laufey owner

My Treasure Trunk
G Rated Snagging Group
No Incredimail, No Goth, No SAC
Only the Owner shares.
Mail may be HEAVY at Times 
Shares will include: Blank Tags, Comp Sets and Extras, Scrapkits, Alphas, Tubes,
 PNGS, Fonts, Snagged Personalized Tags, Accents and Elements for making a tag and much more!
(See Home Page for More Information)

Native American Incredimail
This is a 'Native American Incredimail' Group.
We share Tubes, Tags, and Graphic's. Legends and History are shared at times.
Wild Life may be shared. Friday through Sunday's are Free days. No Pressure to share.
Lurkers are welcome. There is no A/C, S/A/C, Gothic ever Allowed.
All E-mail responses are set to go back to Sender.
You must have Incredimail. You may download it free @:

Nette's Tags Always List
This is the place to be if you would like to receive all of my tags!
I try to make at least 1 tag a week for the group. All you  have to do is pick them up.
They are usually animated tags and on the smaller side with cute or funny wording.
I also make Extras/Comps and DOTW sets for quite a few of my tags.
Please check out the web page and join me if you would like to add to your collection.

Nette's Thirty Shares
Do you enjoy groups where you don't have worry about sharing?
Want to just relax and sit back while collecting what you like to add to your stash or share with your other groups?
Please join me here to receive 30 emails every time I share!

Plethora PSP Lessons
 The Plethora Group is designed for advanced members only.
You must know how to work with plugins,masks, and blending.
The intent of this group is to give you a better understanding of working with PSP.
Please see our home page for more information

Prudent Living
This is a group where we can collectively share and learn from others on how to live frugally,
do DIY, whether it be gardening, home repairs, homesteading, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, permaculture,
Organics, making your own products, economical cooking, home remedies, auto repairs, and much, much more.

PSP Step by Step
Come learn PSP from the very beginning! This is a go at your own pace group.
No Mods, no minimum requirements! Lesson in the files section of the home page.
Go to the link for this group and read the description.
Hope to see you there!

PSP Tubes N More
We are a sharing group that shares tubes, masks,scrap kits,graphics etc.
 Anything that we can create with in PSP.
We are a family-friendly group, so no A/C please.
High volume of mail at times.
We would love to have you join us! So pull up a chair and start.

Rosies IncrediMail Corner
We are here to share "Our Creations" and Tutorials.  This is a G rated group.
There will be no nudity, AC, witchcraft, cults or off color "religion" allowed here. No Halloween.
THIS is a PSP Sharing group... We are here to share and have fun with our Artwork
OWNERS Rose and Beck  MODERATORS Brenda:

On Groups.IO
Interested in Advertising
Open to All Browsers
Only Open for Owners, List Leaders, and Ad Manager

Share Cuz I Care Creations
This is a group where I share my letters that I create.
The Volume of mail will be low as I am the only one sharing.
If you enjoy collecting stationery this is the place to be!
My group is family-friendly, so you will not find A/C here.
I would love to have you join!

SLS Stat Corner
Do you create stationery for Incredimail, Thunderbird, or OE?
Then this is the place to be! This group is for people who create stationery
Either from others tutorials or their own creation. We also welcome people
Who like to snag and share stationery. We are a family friendly group, so
No A/C please. We would love to have you join us!

Snows Shares and Tags
I'm so glad you stopped by to check out my Group.
Creator's & Tagger's are welcome to share their work.
This is a "Family Friendly" Incredimail Group. G-rating!
NO AC, SAC of any kind is to be shared. .
"CLASSY" is perfectly OK. NO POLITICS are to be shared here either.
(Please see Homepage for more details)

Sparkles N Shine
Friendly group opened in January 2006,  rated G to SAC.We share All PSP variety.
 Activities PSP challenges to games.18 years or older to join. This is a no-drama list.Have fun and make new friends.
 Sending requirement two per month or more. Interested? Please join :)

T and L Sharing IM Fun
Welcome to a fun group that shares Incredimail stats.
If you have the tag and some cute music to go with it please go ahead and share that
Too. We share family-oriented stats and tags for Incredimail Only.
We chat a bit along the way, and have fun sharing.
We are a PG group so no full nudity or A/C or Goth

 Tasteful AC Tags
A group for those who would like to offer and/or receive tags that are
"PG-17", "SAC - AC". No "EAC" tags allowed
This group is copyright compliant.
All tags will have the artist's names and web addresses and license # in accordance to their TOUs [term of use].
(Taggers Needed) Owners, Tammy Jean & Sarah

Teddybears & Rainbows Tag Group
Here we offer tags from G - PG.
If you like tags this is the group for you! We do many fun things!!
We have great taggers here! This is where you will find Alyssia's Always List! (Taggers Needed)

Tutorials By Rose
We are here to share "PSP Tutorials" And
Our results from the tutorials.
Remember, this is a G rated group.
There will be no nudity, AC, witchcraft,
Cults or off color "religion" allowed here.
No Halloween!
(See Home Page for More Information)

Wallpaper Pictures and Shares
A group for Wallpaper, pictures, tags, pretty stuff, home and life balance articles,
Games, and any other fun or cool shares,

This group is for women only to chit chat and exchange tips about such topics as
Menopause, health issues, recipes, crafts, gardening, dieting, exercising, TV shows, music, movies etc.
You can really talk about anything that matters to you except those two trouble makers, religion and politics.
No Lurkers.