~*~ Red Hot Ad Group ~*~ July 10th, 2019



Red Hot Ads now has a sister group.  It will be open to new members only so that people are not receiving duplicates
of your ads.  We want people to enjoy reading the ads and finding great groups without being inundated with lots of
repeats.  If you open a new group and don't list it here please consider advertising it at Hot Off The Press.

You can find Red Hot Ad Group group here https://groups.io/g/RedHotAdGroup,  If you have any questions please
contact managment at the owners listing on our homepage.  You must verify when you send the Ad to your groups.
Please cc to battlebugs2@....


All About PSP And Fun

We are a fun group rated G to AC. New members are welcome.

Please use preview images of what is being shared.  Open what you want

delete what you don't.  We do games & challenges. Come meet our group mascot. 

Mail is High Volume!  Participation is required.  No Lurkers Allowed!





A Place To Relax 


Hello & Welcome Everyone....
This is a group where you can kick off your shoes sit back share and snag to your hearts desire.
This group will be just for general shares.  Please No AC...No Matter How Mild



A Variety Shop

We share a large variety of things in this group.  From PSP related items to recipes.

Jokes and light chatter are allowed.  We do ask members not to share Programs, links

are allowed.  Members must share twice weekly.  We enjoy each others company

and welcome new members.  Lurkers not welcome.



Addicted to Tags

We are a G - SAC Tag group with No Nudity.  Easy going with frequent offers.

Mail is low as only taggers can post.  Tag genre us wide from Alphas to

Sophisticated. Taggers always needed send 3 samples of your tags to the

Owner for consideration.  



A La Carte Incredimail  

We share all types and themes of Incredimail Stats.

Challenges , themes etc , for creators there are some cool psp challenges and tutorials.

Weekly participation is encouraged, even if it's just to

say hi on an Incredimail stat. Members sharing is what

makes a Group successful.  



All About PSP And Fun

We are a fun group rated G to AC. New members are welcome.

Please use preview images of what is being shared.  Open what you want

delete what you don't.  We do games & challenges. Come meet our group mascot. 

Mail is High Volume!  Participation is required.  No Lurkers Allowed!



All Animals Big and Small
This is a Family Friendly Incredimail share group for those of us who love Animals.You must have and use Incredimail to
be in this group.  This group is dedicated to all 4 legged  animals. Any and all animals may be shared from domestic to
farm animals to wildlife.  The only exception that I can think of is monkeys.  This is a Family Friendly Share Group lurkers
will be removed.

 Alpha Addiction

We are all about Alphas.  Members share all the alphas they have or find with us.

We have some creators in the group who share their newest alphas with us.  We also

have taggers who offer to tag your favorite alphas for you too.



Anyone's Tags


Anyone would like to Collect, Receive and Send out Tags, Comps and Backgrounds

and this is a list to get anything.  In Groups.io  Minimum 1 Send a Week to Start.  No

Lurkers Please.  Open Already with Less Members.  Grand Reopening in April 26th, 2019



Anyone's Tube War


Interested in Joining the Tube War.  12 Minimum Required Sends to Stay In

Opening on May 24th, 25th and 26th, 2019  Come and Join In for a Weekend of Fun

In Groups.io  Anyone is Welcome to Join



Arlette's Delicious Soups & Stews
As the name suggests it consists of delicious, soups, bisques, chowders,
chilis and stews.  Join us and enjoy the delicious recipes that are shared
in the group


Arlettes Exotic Egyptian Cuisine Part 2
This group is dedicated to Egyptian delicious recipes from Tagines, to Soups,
Deserts, Breads, Beverages and Pastries.  Oriental dishes and desserts that will
please most if not all palates of the members,.  Join us and let us explore the
exotic Duisine and Recipes that abound here, sent to us from the land of the
Pharaohs.  The delights lie in the mystery of the Orient.


Arlette's Fun Halloween Recipes Part Two
As the name suggests it is an all year round Halloween group not just for
Halloween Week.  You will find delicious and spooky cakes, Batty cupcakes,
ghoulish dinners, poisonous punches and drinks, Scary meals and desserts.
Join us now and lets have fun all year round together, with the kids.


Arlette's Little Bakery El-Forno Part Two
This is entirely dedicated to bread recipes, not sandwiches.  The recipes
comprise Breads, Dinner Rolls, Bagels, Baguettes, in brief A BREAD group
to meet all your preferences.  Join us and lets have a slice of hot bread
coming right out of the oven, just for you.


Arlette's Let's go Bananas Part Two
As the name suggests this group is entirely dedicated to Bananas, like Banana
cakes, cupcakes, banana breads, Banana pancakes, Banana Smoothies, in brief
if it has Banana in the ingredients it's good to go.


Arlette's Sweet Temptation Desserts
Well, the name says it all, it is a Dessert group with delicious recipes for cakes,
cupcakes, ice creams, meringues, etc., and the variety of the recipes will make your
heads spin.  Loosen your belt button and come join us, you will just love it here and
will even tell your Friends about it.


Arlette's Hot And Spicy Mexican Recipes
Hot and Spicy Mexican recipes from casseroles, to soups, quesadillas, Breads, Beverages,
Fish & Seafood, in brief a complete menu for delicious Mexican Recipes.


Arlette's Most Delicious Recipes
In this group everything goes from casseroles to different types of menus, domestic
or foreign ethnic recipes, anything that would please your palate, you will find it in this group.
Join us and you will be able to collect, save and even try hundreds of new recipes and tastes to try out.



Arlette's Sunny Little Paradise
In my group you will find Tags, to comps, animations, masques, Inredimail stats for those who
collect them.  My Group is not an Incredimail group and you can use your own regular mailbox
No Need to Install Incredimail.  Come and join us and let's do some magic.  I need a short
introduction before I accept anyone into the group to know for sure who has joined.  Please
write me at prettylittleseashell@...



Betty's Always List


Love collecting tags?  Don't want to have to worry about requesting?

Join me and all you have to do is enjoy gathering beautiful tags.

All tags are copyrighted so you can use them in all your groups.




Bits Of This And That
A new Group where you can share anything between G - SAC with no nudity
please!  We want a group where you can share jokes, recipes, graphics, tubes,
just about anything especially if it makes you happy to share.  You can request
tags, offer tags, share bits of this and bits of that.  Come join us relax and find
your peaceful spot.

This is a Family Friendly Incredimail share group for those of us who love Birds.  You must have and use Incredimail to be
in this group.   If you love birds then I am sure you will enjoy it here.   Come on in and fly along with us.  All shares must
include Birds.  Some Extras Are allowed, but first and foremost we are a Incredimail Letter Group.

Bump In The Night
Do you like Halloween, the spooky or not so spooky costumes, trick-o-treating?
All of the cute little kids running around jacked up on candy?  Come share all of
your Halloween PSP goodies and graphics with us!  Absolutely no drama queens
or lurkers will be allowed.  We are a seasonal group but hard core Halloween
lovers can share year round. G - Mild SAC

Cartoons And More
This is a Incredimail share and snag group and is dedicated to all cartoons whether new or old.  No limit on daily shares
so please jump in and share what you have...Hoping you join in and share what you have been collecting...I am so
glad you've stopped by for a visit and hope you enjoy your stay!




Catt's Crazy Saloon

Variety group for sharin', snaggin', and taggin', we share everything here, will do birthdays/anniversaries,

will have MOTW, QOTD, play games, tag offers and requests, just all kinds of stuff, just sit back, share and

snag, and play along. Rated G - SAC



Chatters Cafe

A place for ladies to chat about any and everything.Grab a cup of coffee, or whatever

your drink preference,and join in some great conversations. Hope to see you here soon. 

Rated G - SAC



Re-making my daily theme group. Every day will be a different
theme and no limits to the number you can share



Crazy Over Blinkies
This is a group to share or snag blinkies and anything animated. We enjoy
Chatting along the way too.  No other shares just blinkies and animations.
On the weekends members can send non-animated extras. No lurking and No AC.



Delicious Low Budget Recipes


A place where all the delicious and fabulous recipes you will find here are based on Low Budget recipes

that anyone could afford and enjoy. We welcome all recipes, from all over the world, all ethnic group recipes are

welcome and we would love you to share them, by posting. The magic words here are






*We are Copyright Compliant Taggers*

If you LOVE to collect tags, come join the rest of us siggie piggies!!!

 Tags will range from cutsie to AC.

Tags will be released randomly, not weekly.  RL comes first



Enchanted World Of Tags

We are a small tag group where we offer G-SAC rated tags covering a wide genre.  We are low volume and

laid back.  The amount of offers may vary depending on taggers schedule.  If you are looking for our kind

of group we would love the chance to tag for you!



Fitness Support Crew
We are here to support each other in living a healthy lifestyle.  Only join if you wish to
participate in the discussions  Lurking Not Allowed!  Hope to see you in group.



Friendly Caring Friends

We are a friendly caring family looking for true friendship and life long

Friends. A place for ladies to come and chat about your day on incredimail. No Lurking allowed.



Friends Sharing With Friends
Looking for Tubes, Kits, Fonts, Etc. For your tagging needs, then look no farther.
We are the group for you. Participation is a must, No Lurkers.



Ghosts Goblins N Gore


Welcome to Ghosts, Goblins N Gore!  We are already gathering up tubes, graphics
animations and more for Halloween.  Members are asked to share twice a week.  
until the end of October, more is always appreciated.  Please share Halloween related items
including recipes.  No nudity or bloody gore.  Down right spooky is allowed.  Taggers are always
welcome to offer Halloween Tags.  May the Ghosts be with you.

Haunting Night
Ghosts or goblins spooks galore, Scary witches at your door, Jack O Lanterns shining bright, Wishing you a
haunting night!  Only Halloween stuff can be shared here, including recipes!  Must be G to Mild SAC.
No Drama or lurkers allowed.  We have a smoking policy!  All drama queens and lurkers will disappear in
a puff of smoke (Resident witch ya know!).  MGMT reserves the right to refuse membership to those that
fall into that category!

Head Tags With Lots of Humor
We are a new group where we share blank tags, humor blank
tags, music and have Question of The Day..
Come have some fun with us!

Hello everyone...I have created this group for the Christmas lovers.  Christmas all year long.
Please jump in and join us.

Are you looking for a great ad group that will get the job done?  Well I can't guarantee it but we will try our best to get
your ad in front of more people every time the list goes out!  We will gladly advertise your Yahoo, Google, Groups IO
and blog.  We do not advertise for AOL lists.  Check out our homepage for additional information!

Incredimail Daily Theme
Every day will be a different daily theme. I will put the theme on the bottom of each email for each
Day. We will have member request weekends. So if you need certain stats for
Other theme groups you can get them then. This will be a very high volume group. No AC and no lurking.

Itty Bitty Tags
If you are a Little Siggy Piggy and are always looking for these adorable cuties come check
the group out at our home page.  Read more about the group and join if will make you happy! 



This group will be sharing books of all kinds.  This is a book only group.
Everyone can share their favorite books.  Mail can be heavy at times.



K and B's Movies and Music

All types of movies and music is shared.  This is a sharing group.
Mail can be heavy at times.  Come give us a try.


Karen's Delites

A Variety of shares including Tutorials, Programs, Games, Everything PSP Related.

(Scrapkits, Fonts, Masks, Frames, Word Art), You name it, I send it. Rated G - AC



Karen Loves Animations

Everything must be animated (asst anis, alphas, comp sets, tutorials,TOTD,  etc.)

Rated G



Karen's Sending Puzzles

Do you enjoy receiving jigsaw puzzles? Then this is the group to join.  Only jigsaw

puzzles will be sent.  Misc emails everyday. Peek or delete.  Rated G



Karen's Sending Tubes

Tubes from all Great Tubers; Mail will be sent by me only.  Approx 2 Days every 1

or 2 Weeks; MOTW; Occasional share days.  Lots of tubes on send days! Rated G - AC



We share everything related to PSP here, we also have weekly challenges and tag offers.

Everyone can share and offer a tag.  Our group has high mail volume most days, feel free

to peek or delete anything that you wish unless it comes from the owner.  This group is G

rated only, which means NO adult content at any time.



Let's Celebrate!

Its getting to be the time of year when there is one holiday after another
Won't you join us in celebrating each one of them?  G - SAC No Nudity
Share graphics, psp tubes almost anything as long as its holiday related.



Hello everyone this group will be sharing a little bit of everything. Anything can be shared except AC.  I would love all
members to share because I figure why belong to a group if your not going to participate. 



Mimis Blank Tags

We are not a tag group.  We are looking for people that have great blank tags that they

are willing to share.  Members must share at least once a week.  We would love to build up

a stash of great tags so that taggers will have a place to shop for blanks to tag with in their




Moms Sharing Stationery And Tags
A group to share IM stationery, tags and music. No AC. You need
Incredimail to join. Ladies only. Participation required. High volume.



My Favorite Shares
If you have a love of Sue Dreamer, Debbie Mumm, Mary Englebreit , Ruth Morehead, Precious Moments, Maxine, Tatty
Teddy and House Mouse then please join me and share the ones you have collected. I have huge folders of them and
hoping to snag and share with everyone.



This group is dedicated to Native American shares. I have quite a collection to share as well.
Sharing is a must or you will be removed.  Thanks for checking us out..... 


Prudent Living


This is a group where we can collectively share and learn from others on how to DIY, whether it be

gardening, home repairs, homesteading, self reliance, self-sufficiency, permaculture, organics, making

your own products, economical cooking, home remedies, auto repairs, and much, much more.

Rated G



Purple Mist PSP


*Copyright Compliant Group*

Group for learning how to create sigTags, incredimail stats, and other goodies.

While having fun and getting to know each other. 

There will be group adventures, and occasionally prizes

Paint shop pro and animation shop.



Red Hot Ad Group

Are you ready to advertise your groups with the hottest ad group around?  If you are click on the link and
join!  We work hard to give your groups the attention you need to obtain more members and help.  All you
have to do is verify your group with us once a week as you share the ads with your groups!  Hurry this ad
group is on fire!



Red Hot Tag War


Another red hot group.  Just completed our last tag war and there were literally hundreds of offers and they got requested fast.

If you want more tags than ever make sure to check out the group and join.  We do limit our membership to 30 members not including taggers so hurry over and get signed up.

Our next war will be on August 16 through 17.  A full 48 hours of offers and requesting.



Hello And Welcome To REQUEST-A-STAT.  This group is for those who need certain stats for themes or a special occasion.
Between the members and myself I believe we can come up with what is needed when a request is put in for a certain
stat.  Thanks for peeking in to see what this group is all about....... 



Scents Adz


Open to All Browsers

for 2019 Season

Only Open for Owners, List Leaders, and Ad Manager



Shore is Fun


A Group To Share Anything Having To With The Beaches,Sea,Oceans,Sand castles And Everything In Between

Ratings G-SAC  Please label subject lines properly.

Hope to see you at the Beach




Sparkles N Shine
Sparkles N Shine is the group for you!  We have friendly  members. Opened January
2006, rated G-SAC. Wide range of activities from Psp stuff to games  anyone can play.
Must be at least 18. No yahoo members. No-drama list...Participation is two per month.
We have forwarders to help you.  We would love to have you join :)



This is a group created to share all your Halloween stats you have saved over time. Please no blood and gore tho.
That's really gruesome...... Jump in and enjoy.....


Swinging Guys and Dolls


Formerly Known as Musical Paradise  Looking for All Music Eras

in All Types of Music We are Here to Send All Kinds of Music from

50's to the Present 2 Sends a Week Mail Could be Heavy at Times!

No Lurkers Please



Taggin 'Oasis

If you want tags this is the place to be! We have all kinds of tags, taggers will make offers,

have always lists, and some will even tag your blanks! Rated G - SAC



Taking Care Of Business

A Drama Free - Give N Take - Sharing List.  We are a Variety List, that Offers Everything!!
G Rated - SAC Must be 18 to 21 To Join
The Only Mail That Must Be Read Is Mail Marked DND Come Join In On The Fun 2 Sends a Week Please
In Groups.io No Lurkers Please



The 4 Seasons
This group was created for sharing Incredimail letters of the
Wonderous beauty of the 4 seasons.   Participation required.
All Shares Must Be Family Friendly.  No limit to the amount of shares.



The Doll House

We are a new group and we are looking for people who love to make tags, alphas or just

collect all the different dolls both animated and non animated that we find around the

internet.  Candy Dolls, Big head dolls, etc.  You are required to share at least once a

week.  We also share the back grounds that go with them.  Any questions just

ask the owner.  



The Holidays Are Here
This is an Incredimail sharing group where we can share all Holidays.
If you love the Holidays then come and join us.We would love to have you!
All Shares Must Be Family Friendly. No limit to the amount of shares. Participation required.



Tiny Pixels

We offer adorable pixel tags of all types and hope you enjoy them all.  Some are

very small and some larger.  We do make frequent offers and give our members plenty

of time to get their requests made.  We have purchased our pixels from their creators

by memberships or purchase of tubes.



Tiny Tags
Tired of big tags that take up the whole page of your email?  Want something smaller, sometimes a little
smart aleck or maybe just too cute for words?  Thats all we make!  Check out our home page and if
you're interested click on the join



Trace's Treasures


List is ReOpening!  In Groups.io

This is a Variety list for Graphics, Tags, Recipes,Games, PSP Stuff, Request

List and a little bit of this and that.  Also sending music, movies and programs as requests. This group will be

Rated G to R with all adult content marked, as not to offend anyone, or to be opened in front of the kids.



Trick O Treat smell my feet give me something good to eat.  We are a small group of Halloween lovers who like to share what spooky or not so spooky things on the internet with each other.
We are rated G - mild SAC.  No bloody gory pictures here.  We want our group ok for our children to view.  We do reserve the right to refuse membership to drama queens or those just flat out
interested in stirring the wrong pot.  This is a no lurking zone, share or a witch will put a spell on you



Our group is dedicated to a different weekly theme. This will be a good chance to sort and share all those stats we have been saving...
Incredimail is a must so that we can all enjoy what is shared. Sundays will be the beginning of a new weekly
theme, and will be posted a month in advance.  Hoping you join me !!!









Addicted to Tags
We are a G - SAC Tag group with No Nudity.  Mail is low as only taggers can post.
We are looking for taggers whether you tag blanks or create your own.
Taggers need to offer at least once weekly more would be appreciated.
Prospective taggers need to send the owner 3 samples

Alpha Addiction
We share alphas and offer alpha tags.  If you like to tag alphas then this group will give you that opportunity
offer to tag alphas and the members have to supply you with the zipped alpha of their
choice.  You set your own rules and we only ask that you offer at least once a week.
Interested?  Send an email to the owner with Tagging in the subject line

Enchanted World Of Tags
We are looking for taggers that like a laid back atmosphere.  We offer G-SAC tags, no nudity front or back.
We ask for at least 1 tag a week and let you make your own rules.  Our members would always appreciate
more.  If you're interested in tagging, join the group then send the owners 3 samples of your work.




Red Hot Tag War


We are looking for taggers to join our team in one of the hottest tag groups ever.  We only tag every other
month and ask that our taggers offer a minimum of 10 tags each war.  Taggers have 30 days to fill out the
requests they receive during the 48 hour war.  No nudity please and nothing above SAC.  Members and
taggers must notify management minimum of 2 days before a war if they are not going to participate.



Tiny Tags
Tiny Taggers needed.  Must make or use blanks under 200 X 200.  If you are interested please follow our
link to our home page and contact the owners with 3 samples of your work.    We are an active group
and our members wonderful, they are hoping to meet you soon.  We do not allow drama in our group.



Join KarensDelites@groups.io to automatically receive all group messages.