Angel_Princess Newsletter Adz July 8


  Angel_Princess Newsletter Adz is an online advertising
group and this is our newsletter. If you join a group off this newsletter
tell the owner Angel_Princess Newsletter Adz sent ya!


Anyone woud like to Collect, Receive and Send out 
Tags, Comps and Backgrounds and this is a list to get anything. 
Going into AOL. Minimum 1 Send a Week to Start

Want a list that is fun and erotic? Angels List is an adult list that
 includes graphics, tags, animations, poetry, songs, games and much more. 
There is a two send requirement per week. Our list includes G-EAC 
so you need to be 21 to join. Come and join our happy family!

Forever Yours
Forever Yours is a romance list that includes graphics, tags, 
animations, poetry, songs, games and much more. There is a 
one send requirement per week. Our list includes G-SAC which
 is no lower frontal nudity. We also have forwarders for those that 
cannot send their own mail to the list.

God's Own
We are caring and committed Christians who want to bring glory to God. 
We are a "G" rated only group, and have a wide variety to offer you, including
 devotions, prayer, games, and so much more. We share news from a Christian
world view. No required sends, but sharing is encouraged. If you are seeking to
 grow in your faith God's Own may be your new family.    = )  God Bless You!

Swinging Guys and Dolls
Formerly Known as Musical Paradise. Looking for All Music Eras in
 All Types of Music. We are Here to Send All Kinds of Music from 50's to the Present. 
2 Sends a Week.Mail Could be Heavy at Times! No Lurkers Please

- Taking Care Of Business -
-A Drama Free - Give N Take - Sharing List-
We are a Variety List, that Offers Everything!! 
G Rated - SAC. Must be 18 to 21 to join. The only mail that 
must be read is mail marked DND. Come Join In On The Fun.
 2 Sends a Week Please. No Lurkers Please.


Taggin Oasis
Taggers wanted please contact the owner.

Yahoo, google, and groups

A group for Christmas sharing and fellowship.
We share anything and everything Christmas - 
Images, tubes, tags, recipes, masks, brushes etc.

From Sept. 1 - Dec 31 we share tags pertaining  only to
the fall/Christmas season- Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving,
 Christmas, New Year's and winter. From Jan 1 - Aug. 31
 any tags are allowed to be shared.

This is a general sharing group. We share images, tubes,
 masks, brushes, fonts, tutorials, recipes, etc.

Cozy Space
we are a friendly group to make friends, talk
and share all sorts of awesome stuff.

All About PSP and Fun!
We are a fun group, rated G-AC. New members welcome.
We share items related to PSP, have challenges, games. Mail is High
Volume. Participation is required. Please use preview of images being
shared. Open what you want, delete what you don't. Come meet our
 group mascot “The Manly Man!" NO LURKERS ALLOWED.

 All Creative Minds
This is a group for Creators and Tut writers. You must have Incredimail
to join this group. No AC, Gothic or Horror Allowed!!
Welcome to a fun group that shares Incriedimail stats. If you have the tag and some
cute music go with it please ahead and share that too. No nudity and goth as this is
a PG or G group. We are asking that you share at least 2 times a week. No lurkers please.

Animals Only
This group share only animal Psp things.. .tubes, extras, alphas, graphics, tags. It just have to be animals
So animal lovers come and join the group. Laufey  Owner

Anything Goes PSP!forum/anything-goes-psp
G-R rated material. This group started in 2012 at Yahoo but this year we 
made the move
to Google! We are a NO DRAMA kind of group that welcomes sharing but it's also okay to
 sit and snag. Nudity is allowed but must be marked appropriately (no hardcore porn!!)  PSP 7
or higher compatibility please and jokes, recipes, software etc...can be shared also.

Best Tags & Tube Wars
Voted number 1 War on the net now day's. So calling all you Tag and Tube Lover's out there
come in and join the fun. Got crazy with the rest of us! Wars are once a month Friday Thru Sunday's !
Mail is VERY Heavy, we get over 1,000 plus shares. We are Rated G-AC. There is a 20 send per
 war required to keep doing the war's with us. Everyone must send there first  20 shares within the first
 12 hours of the war, not hard to do! Stop Looking for Lots Of Fun, Tubes and Tags Join us Today!
Some War's are Themed!! Group is on

  Betty's Always List
Do You Love collecting tags? Don't want to have to worry about requesting? Join us
and all you have to do is enjoy gathering beautiful tags. All tags are copyrighted so you
 can use them in all your groups or websites. This group is rated G - SAC.

Blank Tag Traders
We share all kinds of Blank Tags from G to SAC, animated or non-animated. 
We share extra's that include the blanks, & Animations that make tags. 
No Tubes or Scrap Kits. Taggers can tag. Members must share in order to stay. 
Come trade with us. You'll find all your tagging needs right here.

Blanks A Galore
Looking for Blank Tag Only. Well this is your spot.
The only thing that can be sent to this group are Blank
Non or Animated Tags, nothing else.There is a 2 send per 
week requirement.Rated G-AC!!! Group Io! Easy way to get 
some awesome blank tags to use for game winners,or your 
personal use. All Credit Goes to the Creator's!!

Butterfly Kisses
Our little world on the internet. We are a incredimail group
 but we share also extras and psp stuff. Everyday we do the question
 from the week and we have twice a week theme day. When you join the games
 we have some presents for you. So come on in and have some fun with us.

   Catt's Crazy Saloon
Variety group for sharin', snaggin', and taggin',we share everything here, will do birthdays/anniversaries, 
will have MOTW, QOTD, play games, tag offers and requests, just all kinds of stuff, just sit back, 
share and snag, and play along  :)

  Celeb Tube N Tag Extras
Here we share a variety of Celebrity tubes, Blank tags, extras, music, graphics, fonts, Anime, Celebrity 
Scans, animations and More! So join in and lets share anything related to those Celebs!  

Celeb Zone
Like Celebrities? This is the place for you. We share nothing but that 
here. Tubes, Tags, Graphics and anything else got to do with them. Nothing 
but Celebrities theme's will ever be sent here.. Rated G-R

Challenge Time
Calling all you Creators. Love to do nothing but challenges, this is the place for you, we will be doing Challenges. M-F . All kinds of Challenges.
 So if you love to create then come join us.. We will be opening in June.

Charlotte's Head Tags
It's a head tag group. If you love head tags come check us out. We have motw  a game on Saturdays.
 and share stats, extras, recipes, jokes, tubes. No AC slight AC is ok so come check it out. Welcome
 taggers and non taggers   hugs charlotte

  Chatters Cafe
   A place for ladies to chat about any and everything. Grab a cup of coffee, or whatever your 
drink preference, and join in some great conversations.
 Hope to see you here soon  :)  

Cherokee Woman Designs
We share anything related to PSP such as Graphics, Tubes, etc. Along with regular stationary. We will have 
weekly challenges and tuts for you to enjoy. No lurkers. Incredimail required.. NO AC, EAC or Gothic allowed here. 
SAC is allowed as long as it is marked in the subject line. This is a family friendly group. 

This is where I share my creations for Incredimail.

Colored Ad's Site
Are you looking for a great colorful place to run your ads? Then look no further. All ads are accepted. 
Pick your own Colors! Any Rating Ads can be ran here. Ads will go out 2 times a month
. So what are you waiting on Pretty up them ads and get them on the site.

Crazy 4 Tube's
Are you are Creator, looking for lots of tubes? Like seeing all sorts of tubes? All kinds of tubes are sent here. Rated G-AC. Stop looking 
all over the place for some great tubes. You'll find all the tubes you want right here! Two sends per week
 is required to stay with us. High Volume Mail at times!

Crazy Over Blinkies
This is a group to share or snag blinkies and anything animated. We enjoy chatting along the way too. No other shares just blinkies 
and animations only. On the weekends members can send non animated extras. No limit to the amount of shares. No AC.

CWs Creators And More
This group is set to reply to Sender. Incredimail required. Only the creators will be sharing. If you are a Creator interested in sharing your work, 
please contact management. This group is a family oriented group. Please see homepage for more information. 

This is a group for music lovers and stationary lovers! Music of all genres and ages. 
From big bands to country to today's music! If you like good wholesome music that we 
all know and love, then this is the place for you. ....visiting in the group is allowed. 
NO LURKERS. Music must be sent with all sends, even replies.

Delicious Low Budget Recipes
A place where all the delicious and fabulous recipes you will find 
here are based on Low Budget recipes that anyone could afford and enjoy. 
We welcome all recipes, from all over the world,all ethnic group recipes 
are welcome. Rated G. The magic words here are DELICIOUS LOW BUDGET.

E-Z Tagging
Are you a Tagger? You will learn how to use an easier script to 
do all your tags!  The writer of the script is the co-owner so you know 
your problems will be addressed. This is a place for all taggers to enjoy 
being together and sharing tips and tricks of tagging.

Looking for Tubes, Kits, Fonts, Etc. For your tagging 
needs, then look no farther.We are the group for you. 
Participation is a must, No Lurkers.

  Friendly Caring Friends
 We are a group of ladies that like to chat daily on incredimail. 
You do not need to be a Mom to join. All ages welcome. No AC.

   Fun and Sexy Headtags
  Looking for a fun and sexy headtag group, you are on the right place. 
We play games, MOTW and challenges, we have requests. If you are new 
to headtagging we can make your baldie. So if you are a  headtagger creator 
or love headtag. We also share tubes and scrap kits.

Members can share brushes, word art, free links, stats etc. 
We do not allow sharing of PTU items. We are a copyright compliant 
group sharing PSP tubes.Only the Owners will share tubes in this group. 
If you would like to join us and learn about copyright information and share 
some great PSP related items, this is the group for you.

Fun World
 Looking for lot's of fun, well our name say's it all. 
Looking for a list where everything is shared,? We also have games 
every week. We Spoil a member each week. We are rated G-AC. There is a 2 send
 requirement, each week to stay and have tons of Fun! High Volume Mail at times. 
Come in and join the fun, I am telling you that you will not be disappointed! 
Fun World does have it all.  Been open since May 2008 
What you waiting on , come in?

Go Crazy Over Scraps
If you create in PSP with Scrap's then you found your place.
We are the hottest Scrap List out there. Are you looking for just 
Scraps? Then let me tell you that you found it. We share all kinds 
of Scraps here. Looking for some new Scraps to build your collection 
up? Then really STOP . You will find it all right here.  2 sends per week
 is required to stay in. Sorry No Lurkers!!  We are a sharing and caring 

Gothic Tag Offers And Blanks
Do you love Gothic tags and Tag offers and find it annoying most 
groups don't allow Gothic content. Well so do I that's why I made this 
group. Here we can share as many Gothic blanks/tag offers as we 
want and have nobody moaning at us for it.

Heart Smiles For You
 I will be sharing a variety of wonderful emails to makes
 your Heart Smile that will include sweet poems, heartwarming
 stories, animal pics, jokes, comics etc. Each Heart Smile that arrives
 in your mailbox will be dipped in sweetness, patted with hugs &
 sprinkled with smiles to brighten up your day.

House Of Darkness
Are you looking to join a house of horror?Well look no further, nothing cute about this group.
Blood, Gore,Evil,Goth,Horror anything that would scare is what we share here. Tubes, Tags, Graphics,
much more. If you like this sort of stuff join.Sending is required. Sorry No Lurkers!!

 We share family-oriented stats and tags for Incredimail Only. We chat a bit along the way, and have fun sharing. We truly are 
cyber sisters and brothers and welcome any new members to share stats, tags, and themselves with us.

Incredimail Daily Theme
Every day will be a different daily theme and no limits to the amount you can share. We will have member request weekends.
If you need certain stats or other theme groups you can get them. This group will help you rebuild your collection. No AC.

"Just Totally Cute"
Well the name says it all. We are rated G only.Tags, Tubes, & other Psp related Items are allowed.
Lot's of cuteness going around in here. So if you like G rated things, Come on in..

KandBs Best Books Anywhere
This group will be sharing books of all kinds.

Karen's Delites
A Variety of shares including Tutorials, Programs, 
Games, Everything PSP Related (Scrapkits, Fonts, Masks, 
Frames, Word Art), You name it, I send it.

KandB Movies and Music!forum/kandbmoviesandmusic
A list for movies and music of all kinds.

Karen's Sending Tubes
Tubes from all great tubers. Mail will be sent 
by me only. I share once every 1 or 2 weeks. I will have 
occasional share days. Lots of tubes on send days!

Karen Loves Animations
Everything must be an animation (asst anis,
 alphas, comp sets, tutorials, etc.)

 Karen's Sending Puzzles
Do you enjoy receiving jigsaw puzzles? 
Then this is the group to join. Only jigsaw puzzles
 will be send. Mail is 100% forward friendly.

I make tags from cute till sac the only thing you have to 
do is fill in the database and wait for your tags to pick up. 
You can also win tags  by playing the games and question
 of the day so come on in and enjoy your tags.  

We share everything related to PSP. We also have 
weekly challenges, and tag offers. Everyone can share 
and offer a tag. Our group has high mail volume most days, 
feel free to peek or delete anything that you wish unless
 it comes from the owner. This group is G rated only,

Moms Sharing Stationery And Tags
This is a group to share anything to do with stationery,
 tags, blinkies, extras, skins, notifiers and chat. There might 
be large sizes of stationery with  music and tags shared here.
 No limit to the amount of shares. This group is for women 
only and we may chat from time to time. No AC.

M&S Dolls and Cookies
 We love Dolls and Cookies. Sharing stats, extras. 
We do  games like question from the day and once 
a week theme, tag requests and having fun.
 Incredimail is nice but no must.

We share Native American, Wildlife Stats, History and
 Legends when time allows.
 Weekends are Free Shares Days. 
No AC, SAC or Gothic. Lurkers welcome but sharing 
encouraged. Incredimail Is Required.

Nette's Tags
If you are looking for more tags made with your name  
please that you would like, most of my offers will be rated G
 or VSAC, but never AC.I'm the only one sending the offers 3 or 
 4 times a month so mail will always be very low volume.

Only Animal Graphics
This is a group for sharing anything pertaining to animals. 
Nothing depicting cruelty or slaughter is allowed.

Our Exquisite Designs and More
If you create, would love to have you, all creators will be accepted 
regardless of their level of creating! This is a stat group for creators to 
share their stats with others. Only Creators will share and tags will 
be offered at creator's preference!  Incredimail  required. This is a 
G-Rated group. Please see homepage for more information. 

This is a G rated group where we can collectively share
 and learn from others on how to DIY, whether it be gardening, 
home repairs, homesteading, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, permaculture,
 organics, making your own products, economical cooking, home 
remedies, auto repairs, and much, much more.

PSP Times Three
 We have weekly Challenges and Activities. When you complete a challenge 
or activity, you earn a Heart. When you have collected 10 hearts, you will receive
 a gift from one of the pay to use companies. Be aware that we are a copyright 
compliant group. So anything you create needs to have correct copyright on it.

PSP Weekend Warriors
We war every weekend from Thurs. evening to 
Sun. midnight. It isn't mandatory to share, but we
 hope you will choose to. We share tubes, images, tags, 
masks, brushes  etc., anything PSP related.

Scents Adz
Interested in Advertising? 
Open to All Browsers for 2019 
Season. Only Open for Owners, 
List Leaders, and Ad Manager

Scraps Galore
We share scraps of all kinds.
We are a little group where we share 
everything for PSP. We have a scrap challenge
 once a week. We love to see you join.

Sexy Playroom
Like to spice up your mail box with some clean adult things.? We share Tube's, Tags, Graphics, and more as long as it's
sexy. This group is rated SAC to AC., please remember this is just for fun and this is for good taste things. No Porn, Sex Acts,
are allowed. Clean Adult Tubes, Tags and more only please.No Cute Stuff will ever been seen! 2 Sends per week is required to
 stay with us checking out theHunks and Ladies :)Don't be shy step in the playroom and let's start playing.

Siggy Piggies Paradise
  We are a group of taggers who love to make tags for all you siggy piggies! We have some fantastic 
taggers, with a large variety of tags. Come join us and have fun, all we ask is a Please and a Thank you.

  Some Of This And Some Of That
  A group just for everything to do with food and humor, because humor is food for the soul! Some of this and some of that 
is a combination group of recipes and jokes.

Sparkles N Shine
Sparkles N Shine is the group for you! We have  friendly members.
 Opened January 2006, rated G-SAC. Wide of activities from Psp stuff to games
 anyone can play.Must be at least 18. No yahoo members. No-drama list. Participation is
 two per month. We have forwarders to help you. We would love to have you join :)

Taggin' Oasis
If you want tags this is the place to be. We have all kinds of tags, taggers will make offers, have always lists, 
and some will even tag your blanks!! Taggers wanted please contact the owner.

Terrys Happy Smiles
This little group shares IncrediMail letters and tags to match if you have them.
 If not, no problem. We are a PG group so  no full nudity or A/C or Goth.

The Cherokee Gang
This is a sharing group for active members only! No lurkers allowed. This is a high volume group at times, 
so please keep that in mind. You must have Incredimail to join!!  Cherokee Woman and Aussie Linda owners Cyndi-mod.

This group was created for sharing Incredimail letters of the Wonderous beauty of the 4 seasons. All Shares Must Be Family Friendly.
 No limited to the amount of shares. Participation required.

The Saskia Creations!forum/thesaskiacreations
 This is where I share my creations for incredimail. 

The World Past Present and Future
A group to share the cultures, mysteries and history of the world. Looking at our past, see who the people of the earth are today and what may be shaping our future.  Come join us!
 We share all sorts good stuff including trivia, fun facts and odd finds.

Trace's Treasures
This is a Variety list for Graphics, Tags, Recipes, Games, PSP Stuff, Request List and a little bit of this and that. Also sending music, movies and programs as requests. This group will be Rated G to R with
 adult content marked, as not to offend anyone, or to be opened in front of the kids.

  Witchy Liberals and Hippies
  We share all kinds of things witchy and pagan, liberal humor and news, and everything about being hippy, happy, free spirited and connected with mother earth and other good 
shares to make us think, laugh, and smile.

A group to share any kind of stats, music, extras, ect. Group is G rated no AC or even SAC will be allowed. Games will also be played.  Winners will get a stationary and tag to match.

The World Past Present and Future
A group to share the cultures, mysteries and history of the world. Looking at our past, see who the people of the earth are today and what may be shaping our future.  Come join us!
 We share all sorts good stuff including trivia, fun facts and odd finds.

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