Tag Offer From Donna---Rated PG---Study Pup


Love my new tag. Thanks, Donna!

From: DesignzByDonna15@...
To: erotoo1@...
Sent: 7/10/2019 8:30:33 AM Eastern Standard Time
Subject: DND Plz Fwd::~~~Tag Offer From Donna---Rated PG---Study Pup

Tag Offer From Donna
If you would like Your Name on this offer please use my link below to request it!
Tag Request)<~~~
If my link does not work, Please send to DesignzByDonna15@...
With DND-StudyPup-Tag-Request-Inside-From-KARENS-Member in subject line
Place your 2 names wanted on this tag inside the email.
This offer ends July 12th 2019
Please be patient in the return of your tags! If you do not receive your tags, You failed to follow these directions!
Thank you!!

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