Here is my tag offer from Steph (Benny)


Thanks for my tag Steph!

From: bobspunkin@...
To: EroToo1@...
Sent: 7/9/2019 11:42:08 PM Eastern Standard Time
Subject: DND - Here is my tag offer from Steph (Benny)

The tag below is available for request until Tuesday, July 16 at 9 p.m. PDT. Please refer to this website to check the time for you:

You may request three (3) tags
sending your request to bobspunkin@.... Once the tag has closed, I will upload the tags to my Fotki site and notify you of the link so you can pick them up. Please follow the easy rules below:

1. If we are in more than one group, you may request 3 tags from each groups if you want to do so.
2. Manners do count with me. No manners, no tag.
3. Please do not forward this tag request to other groups.
4. Requests received after the closing date and time above will be deleted.
5.  Longer names will require me to make your name a bit smaller so your name fits the tag.
6. I may or may not use a font that contains special characters. If a name requested has a special character, I will try to use them if I have them.

Karen, your tag is attached.

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