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Welcome to the KIT List ( community of job seekers, consultants, employers and recruiters!

NOTE: This is the NEW platform since we had to move our community from Yahoo Groups when it ended on 12/15/20.

We send out job posts from recruiters and hiring managers, as well as host and share job and career growth events and resources.

Our mission for The KIT (Keep In Touch) List is "Helping great people find great jobs."


Founded by Sue Connelly, and co-moderated by her sister, Kelly Connelly, the list was initially Sue's personal "Keep In Touch" (KIT) email list of her friends at SGI (Silicon Graphics) during its magical time. As she began to help friends who were laid off from SGI by emailing job leads, the list grew just by word of mouth to over 72,000 people. This was all based on the power of friends helping friends! You are welcome to join and to invite other friends, colleagues, employers and recruiters so we can get everyone into jobs they'll love.


To post a job:
Employers and recruiters can continue to post jobs through our site at

To view posted jobs:
To see previously posted jobs, you must be a member first. Then go to the Messages tab on the left, or the Message History section at the bottom of this page.


Other KIT List Career Resources:
We also have more career tips from the experts, resources and notices about events our our KIT List blog and YouTube channel with career tips and strategies, including interviews from the experts.  You can also follow us on Facebook for news and events, too.


Please keep to a code of conduct of professionalism and kindness since anyone who doesn't keep to this spirit will be removed. Also note that this is not a discussion board. You will be able to reply directly to the employer or recruiter posting the job via an email or link provided WITHIN the job posting provided on the first line (please do not hit "Reply" since it only goes back to the moderators).

Thanks and welcome!

Sue and Kelly Connelly
Your KIT List moderators (yep, we're sisters!)

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