Thanks !

Ron Walker

I wish to thank everyone again who made this clinic successful. We definitely had a challenge to overcome with the weather reschedule.

We had just the right amount of carded folk, along with safety pilots, to get all of our goals accomplished and keep everyone airborne !

I believe that everyone has checked in that they are home safely, and that is great. Now we're able to do this all again ! In the mean time, find yourself someone to practice with locally and keep this skill sharp.

As I mentioned, I'll keep this group active for anyone that needs to reach out and communicate. Additionally, if anyone wants to contact any Falcon member directly, you can always use [Callsign] For example, for me, use "Shorts@...".

Thanks again to the organizers, pilots, cardholders, and newbies alike who together made this a positive training experience !

See you all again soon !


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