Re: CLINIC UPDATE!!! IMPORTANT... Action Required

Larry Griffin

Good call!  I’m rescheduled.  Hope it works then.

Larry Griffin

On Apr 3, 2019, at 10:39, Bobby Lucroy <rv98vr@...> wrote:

Good Morning All,
As much as it pains me I am going ahead and making the call.  I will be either a hero or zero but the call it to postpone the clinic until April 26-28, 2019.  So we will NOT be having the clinic this weekend (April 5-6)!  There is too much risk with thunderstorms pushing through and marginal WX Sunday morning.  I know we all are disappointed but I think you all needed to know sooner vs. later.   I have let Jamie know at the FBO so there is no need to contact her and let her know you are not coming.  We do realize the backup weekend as stated in our very first email will be the same weekend as the KC clinic.  But due to KC Flight and Falcon Flight having Airshows coming up we tried to pick one that would not conflict hoping we would not need the backup. We wanted to avoid a clinic in the summer months here in Texas. 
So the plan now is to hold the clinic on April 26-28.   
Actions Required:
1.  Cancel your hotel reservations ASAP!  Hampton (903) 464-9010
2.  If you want to still attend the new clinic date go ahead and make a room reservation for those dates (April 26 & 27) 2 nights.
3.  If you plan to attend the clinic you can leave your name in the database
4.  If you can not make the clinic please REMOVE your name from the database
Thanks for your patience but WX is something we cannot control.  Our hope is we may pick up some attendees that could not make it due to Sun n Fun. 
Please don't sign up for both of the clinics (KC Flight & Falcon Flight).  It makes it a nightmare from a planning standpoint/scheduling.  That said we both (KC & Falcon Flight) will work with folks that would like to attend last minute if slots are available or due to WX changes.  We will support each other as we want to grow FFI.
Thanks in advance for taking care of the Required Items.
Blue Skies,

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