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The primary goal of KGHshuls is altruistic, clear, and simple: to publicize Torah, Avodah and Chessed announcements, community-wide.  Our aspiration is: to bring our Kew Gardens Hills (KGH) community together and elevate us, by enabling institutions and individuals to reach out to each other with “postings” (email announcements related to Torah, Avodah, and Chessed).  
The following rules serve to create guidelines that will be used by the moderators – to monitor the email postings – and by YOU so that you know what postings are appropriate, or inappropriate for KGHshuls.  
Although the following rules are far from perfect, and we don't claim perfection in administering the list, the rules are our best effort to offer effective guidelines while encouraging broad participation community-wide. 
Appropriate Emails -
The following are examples of emails that would ALWAYS BE APPROPRIATE: (i) community events; (ii) shul events of interest; (iii) shiva notices; (iv) community blood drives; etc.
The following are examples of emails that would GENERALLY BE APPROPRIATE: (i) houses/apartments. for sale/rent in the KGH area; (ii) garage sales; (iii) lost and found; (iv) parlor meeting at your house; (v) babysitter requests; (vi) carpool requests; (vii) requests for community action on behalf of Israel; (vii) short targeted letter-writing campaigns for Israel; etc. (viii) Requests for hospitality: for Shabbos, simchas, etc.
The following are examples of emails that would NEVER BE APPROPRIATE: (i) jokes; (ii) auctions; (iii) offensive or disparaging emails; (iv) Lashon Hara; (v) business/commercial advertisements (see below exceptions), (vi) exchange/sale of media (i.e. TV shows, movies, etc.) and (vii) anything illegal.
We may reject posts that we believe are irrelevant to the vast majority of KGH members. We reserve the right to reject any message at any time.

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