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Information provided here is on the KC4QLP repeater system and the Echolink nodes 56703 and 56704, IRLP, D-Star and APRS/Echolink crosslink located in Central, NY [FORMERLY LOCATED IN ELIZABETH CITY NC]


Echolink conference server *KC4QLP* node #267137

Echolink conference server *KC4QLP-C* node #290251

IRLP reflector node EXP0037 (interconnected with Echolink node *KC4QLP* 267137

D-Star reflector node XRF267 (interconnected with Echolink node *KC4QLP* 267137

-More to follow-

Welcome to the KC4QLP_Repeater_System

KC4QLP Repeater and Echolink Station

This repeater serves the immediate Mohawk Valley on 145.290 mhz, input frequency is 144.690 mhz, PL access 167.9 hz. The repeater transmits a PL tone of 167.9 hz for those that use T-SQL. Presently working on a lengthy coordination process to operate from a tower in Manheim NY. NEW!! Look for our new GMRS repeater to come online at 462.550mhz, PL access 131.8hz to come on the air soon...WQJK414. See http://www.midatlanticengineeringservice.com/GMRS.html for more information regarding registration of usage of that repeater and licensing information

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