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When applying for membership to this group, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME, CALLSIGN, LOCATION and any other information that will assure our moderators that you are not a SPAM attempt.
This group's purpose is to help keep our club members informed of club activities and to provide a central place to communicate with all of our members and friends. We are a general interest club with a diverse membership having many and varied talents, skills, and expertise. If you live in Alamance County, North Carolina or one of our neighboring counties, and are considering membership in our club, we would love to have you join us.
If you do not have a CALLSIGN, please indicate so when applying. We would be grateful for the opportunity to help you join our ranks. Membership to this group is reserved to club members and those interested in joining.

1. Keep it civil! No name calling or personal attacks. Violation of this rule will result in the violator being banned. This is your only warning. If you have a problem tell a moderator via email, not the rest of the group via a group posted message.
2. Stay on topic! Posts should be related to the interests of the K4EG club or amateur radio related subjects only. Posts unrelated to the group topic will be deleted.
3. Please sign your posts with your name and/or your amateur radio callsign.

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