Monday/morning after report


A little late but…


Great time up at Mount Davis. Joe, AJ3O did great out of his truck. Us in the woods, however, we had an invisible shield and contacts were very hard to come by. First up – My little Yamaha inverter generator was making killer noise all over the bands. So we had some power issues. That, combined with crappy band conditions made it hard to hear if anyone was replying to our CQs. Shawn had a nice little LiPo battery and we used it on the 7300 at reduced power. Shawn had his IC-7000 and a little FT-817. We used a number of antennas. Still, QSOs were mighty hard to come by. Later in the day Joe, AJ3O brought his little KX-3 and operated. We made some Qs. We did make some VHF FM Qs from atop the lookout tower using one of Art, WA3BKD’s J-pole antennas. We got down to Maryland and West Virginia and back home to Marty, AG3I and others. We had big fun. The weather was perfect. It was quite buggy, however. We talked to lots of passers-by. There is a “one in a million” story there that I will rely later if I have the time. Despite our issues we really did have a fabulous time. Thanks KQ3S for putting it all together and all that came out to play and all that were listening for us back home. There were lessens learned and we’ll have to do this again!


The final Tech class went well. Out of eight folks testing we had five earn a license or upgrade! (Not all eight were in the class). Congratulations to all that passed. Those that did not are hard at work seeing to it that they do pass the next time. They all did well. Many thanks to the VE team.


We may do another class if I can coordinate with more Rachel Carson folks (and anyone that wants to attend). There were at least three others that couldn’t make the dates we picked. I’m thinking some time in the winter when things calm down. Stay tuned.


How did anyone do with the Route 66 event? I just made a few contacts, but I wish I had time to have done more. That’s a really fun event. How did you do???


At was an action-packed night up the joint! The place was a beehive of activity.


Thanks Quack Quack. We planted a bunch of grass seed on the new parking lot hillside. We wanted to get something growing on there soon to reduce erosion when the rains come. There are also plans for other niceties to be planted on the hillside. Stay tuned.


Jim, KQ3S brought up an RF detection meter and we looked at the RF noise coming out of my little generator. It seems to be coming mainly out of the front panel. We are thinking if the genny was located further from the antennas (it was right next to them on Mt Davis) the problem would not be bad. We used this generator during Field Days all the time with no issues. We think it was just the close proximity to the antennas that caused the problem. TNX KQ3S


It was great seeing Ryan and his old man, Jeff up the joint again. As you may remember, Ryan is a young lad and does a great job on the radio. We’re trying to bamboozle Ryan and his old man into coming up and playing in the pending CQ WW RTTY contest coming up on the 28/29.

We had a visitor from Great Britain stop by. We gave him the deluxe. I think it fair to say he had a good time.


We had one of our students from the recent Tech class stop up with her hubby. She is trying to get the poor unsuspecting sole to get his license. Alynn (SP?) said they may stop by for Founders day THIS Saturday!


There was a great fire outside. The weather was perfect and the stars were out. TNX STL


A number of new members and pending members were up last night. Great to see.


There was grape juice and nice cheese. TNX LHW ES QQ


Am I forgetting anything??? Geeeeez it was busy!


Public service nets on tonight. Check on in. Get involved.


The 2nd annual Founder’s Day THIS Saturday up the joint! We will be operating a special event station. Come on up and partake.


Next Tuesday the 24th is solder smoke night. We will be assembling the GPS disciplined clocks and all kindza stuff. Come on up and go with the flooow


CQ WW RTTY 28/29. Ops needed.


SET drill Saturday, October 5th. This will be an all-day sucker. Help needed both up the joint and with the Fort Armstrong gang.


PA QSO Party Oct 12/13. We took 1st place multi-op high power last year! Can we do it again??? Ops needed.


VE session Saturday, October 26th at 8:15am up the joint. Please let Bob, AG3U know if you plan on testing or helping VE. Breakies at E&P at 7:00am. CU there!


WACOM hamfest Sunday, November 3rd at the old location at the Washginton County Fair Grounds! Seems so far away…



On to my one in a million story…


So there we were – Jim, KQ3S and myself on top of the lookout tower at Mt Davis playing radio. There is some guy with his kid that happened to be visiting the site as well. While they were getting ready to go back down the tower the guy asks “Do you mind if I ask what you’re doing?” I told him that we were hams and yadda yadda yadda. He told me that he used to listen to shortwave radio years ago and he mentioned that his wife worked with silver and did things related to Morse code? At this point I yelled SHUT   UP!



A number of years ago my wife and daughter were attending the Pittsburgh Arts Festival. That happened across some lady making silver necklaces that had Morse code punched into the silver plate. They ordered one with WC3O and gave it to me for Christmas!



What are the chances of me and this gal’s husband talking on top of the lookout tower at Mount Davis while playing radio? Really. How many of these Morse code products could she have possibly sold? Now that’s weird.


That’s all I gots