Monday report


Hey babe


Hope you got to play some radio over the weekend. I had my computer all set up to work the NAQP CW, but with this cold I got it was no-go. Next time.


CW practice and Breeze Shooters net tonight on the 64 at 8:15 and Breeze Shooters at 9:00pm on 28.480.


It’s EMCOM Tuesday up the joint tomorrow evening. Andy, AD3AD has good stuff lined up. Also, hang out play radio in the radio room.


It’s EMCOM hang out with Andy, AD3AD this Saturday up the joint.


Also this Saturday is the DX Engineering winter sale. Good excuse to go for a ride?


The fabled Skyview banquet and sword swallowing competition is getting closer, ever close – Saturday the 25th at the Delmont Fire hall. Time is quickly running out to get in on this great event.


Also on the 25/26th is Winter Field Day! Yo Richard – Where you be?


FrostFest is Saturday, February 1st.


Next big contest up the joint is the CQ WPX RTTY contest on Feb 7 – 8 – 9! If you enjoyed doing the RTTY RU, even more fun to be had. We will be running M/2. That’s multiple operators/2 transmitters. That means we can have two operators working at the same time on different bands. Operators needed. This one starts at 7:00pm on Friday night and goes to 7:00pm Sunday night. We hope you can help work.


Next Skyview VE session is Saturday, Feb 15th at 8:15am. Breakfast at E&P in New Ken at 6:45. All welcome. Please let Bob, AG3U know if you plan on helping VE or testing.


NAQP phone contest is Saturday, Feb 15.


Also Saturday, Feb 15 is the Breeze Shooters ground wave contest, CW style! (In the evening) This is a good contest to jump in if you are a new CW op and slow. All your details can be downloaded from the Breeze Shooters web site.

Actually, I just looked and it seems the 2019 info is still up, but you get the idea.


Traffic class at the Red Cross building Saturday, Feb 22. See Bob, NU3Q for details.


WASHfest is Sunday, Feb 23!!!


NAQP RTTY Saturday, Feb 29


Two Rivers hamfest is Sunday, March 29th. All new location! More on that as it gets closer.


I think that’s it?