W3PRL DMR Repeater @ Shack America

W3PRL Shack America

Hello Hammers.......

After about a week of installation and testing, we have installed a VHF DMR Repeater here at Shack America.

The repeater pair is as follows.  Input:  147.460  Output:  146.460

Radio Programming for your DMR HT or Mobile:
If you want to program a zone ahead of time, the RX will be 146.46, the TX will be 147.46.  Color Code 1.

The coverage area appears to be decent.  Hopefully, the addition of the DMR repeater in the area will spur increased interest in DMR.  The PA Statewide talk group and several other talk groups are fairly busy along with the Statewide DMR net on Tuesday night at 8:00 pm.
Here's a link to the PA DMR group.

The repeater is on the Interstate Network.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email or on the air.  E-mail:  shackamerica@...

Shack America


So sorry to hear about Lulu.  A wonderful person.   So sad about to hear about her and  Bob.  Too young.  I hope their daughter will be able to cope.      

Frank.  KB3YJQ

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