Monday report



Any good radio play this weekend?


Fine time up yonder over the weekend. We all had a fine time playing in the ARRL RTTY RU. Nice to work some of the locals on RTTY. All equipment survived. Everything performed well. Had some minor problems with RF getting into the Green stations computer. Nobody starved to death. Dinner Saturday night was prime rib, scallops (Sautéed in olive oil, butter and garlic) with salad (with all the fixins) pan fried Brussel sprouts in olive oil and garlic, fresh ciabatta bread, great wine, apple pie and ice cream. We were able to force it down. We had a good overnight crew. We ran until 2:00am and was off until 6:00am. We finished at 5:00pm Sunday. Time will tell where we will stand.


CW practice and Breeze Shooters net Monday night at 8:15pm and 9:00pm.


Business meeting THIS Tuesday. Captain Jack in the big chair. That’s 7:30pm. Lots to talk about.


Be sure to get your $$$ in for the fabled Skyview banquet and chain saw juggling competition coming up on Saturday, January 25th and the glorious Delmont Fire Hall. We would like you to have your moneys in by this Tuesday. You REALLY don’t want to miss out. Trust me. I’m a doctor.


Did you make your arraignments for the ARRL train trip yet? I’ve only heard from a couple people so far. I recommend that you make arraignments sooner than later and please let me know what that’s done. If you need assistance please let me know. Maybe we can have a train ticket session up the joint one night?


Next Saturday is a great local 2 meter contest, the WASH 2 meter contest! Info can be had at:

WASHfest (The 1st local hamfest of the year!) is Sunday, February 23rd. They are raffling a FLEX 6400!


There’s more but I’m going to bed. Cars tomorrow…


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