Wrapping Up #learnmorsekc

Mark Campbell

Learn Morse KC held its Final Class session on Friday August 23.

My efforts to help the students will continue.  From this point forward my assistance will take the form of  Elmering and Tutoring individually.

Each student now needs to do one more thing, and I'm asking the entire KC Ham Radio community to cheer them on.



The final exam for this course is for each student that enrolled and saw the process through to get on HF, and make a CW contact.  Show me a QSL card received.  Each student that does that, passes the course!

All the basics required for you to get on the air and make CW contacts has been covered.  They know what you need to know.

For the students that are not already on the air, the only limiting factors preventing them from getting on the air are building up sufficient speed and confidence such that they are willing to be courageous and do it, and in some cases building an HF station to use.

Fellow hams in the community that know one of the students that took the course may want to offer their assistance as required to help students that are in the process of building their first HF station to get on the air.

I have enjoyed teaching this course.  I hope it will prove useful.  The proof of that will be indicated in the logbooks of the students.  The more students that get on the air and make CW contacts, and the more CW QSOs they make, the better.


Several hams provided important assistance to help #LearnMorseKC happen.


WDØERU, David Schulman

WØAIB, Larry Staples

KØGQ, Raytown Amateur Radio Club


WØTBL, Tucker Livingston

WØFEN, Robin Cross

KØCOY, Michael Boyce

ABØO, John Ford

WØAO, Bob Kimbrell

KDØVXN, Chuck Chamberlain

NØGSG, Tom Wheeler

JJ1NJM, JD Batchelor

KØDMT, Travis Wilson

KEØVVT, Caleb Herbert

WØCCJ, Pete Jackson



Samuel F. B. Morse

He played a rather huge role in making this course happen and should be thanked too.


Most of all, Thank You to the students.   You are the reason this course was held.   The world is now literally at your fingertips waiting for you to make contact.

For those of you who stuck with it and saw the process to the end, Your persistence and perseverance is paying off.  WELL DONE!  Now go finish the job.  You worked hard to get to this point.  It's time to reward yourself by getting on the air.  GO FOR IT!