The September Newsletter is here!

John Ford

Hi all!

I'm putting out the newsletter a week early because I may not have web access next week to draft, assemble, and send it out. So, all contributors very graciously sent me their articles today, which enabled me to put it out for your reading pleasure. 

The biggie for the September meeting will be the elections, so be there and vote!

On the horizon for September are the Safety Fair and the Bennett Spring invitation from Jen and David Albright!
The Safety Fair is always fun, also a chance to demo radio operating, and I think several have already signed up.
Bennett Spring is your chance for an outing, a chance to go fishing, and a chance to activate a POTA park (good spot, I was there last week!). 

Hopefully the GroupsIO server distributes this newsletter to all, unlike last month. I purposely kept the file size as small as possible this month thinking that maybe the GroupsIO memory shortage could be the cause of a truncated distribution last month. If you get this one and didn't get last month's, email me and I can send it again. 


John AB0O