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On me prie de vous transmettre l'appel à communication pour le prochain colloque "Law via the Internet".

Bien cordialement

Michel Fraysse

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Dear colleagues,


Could I bring the following “call for papers” for the Law via the Internet Conference in October 2018 to your attention. With apologies for cross-posting.

David Gee, IALS Library



We hope this message reaches you well. This is just a friendly reminder that the deadline for submissions of abstract for the next Law via the Internet Conference 2018 is approaching (April 27, 2018).

We have already received some interesting proposals. After the deadline we will be ready to start to draft the program.  We are happy to announce our two keynote speakers: Prof. Miguel Poiares Maduro and prof. Deirdre Curtin (http://lvi2018.ittig.cnr.it/keynotespeaker).

In attachment the call for papers.   Please spread the word within your community.

With our best wishes and looking forward to seeing you in Florence,

Ginevra Peruginelli and Sebastiano Faro

Conference Chairs

Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques of the Italian National Research Council



Knowledge of the Law in the Big Data Age

Firenze, 11-12 October 2018






Since it began in 1997, the Law via the Internet conference (LVI) has been established as the foremost international conference addressing research in legal information access through the Internet. It is organized annually under the auspices of the Free Access to Law Movement (FALM), a consortium of more than 60 non-profit institutions dedicated to providing free and open access to the world’s law. In accordance with the Declaration on Free Access to Law signed by the FALM, the Conference is the international forum of the Movement and its focus is on maximising access to legal information to promote justice and the rule of law.


This year the Conference, organized by the Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR-ITTIG) and to be held in Florence, will explore issues of trust in accessing law for democratic purposes in the big data age. Together with the rise of computational power and the growth of the Internet ecosystem the increasing availability of huge amounts of data – big data – is the driver of a deep change in our lives. We are witnessing a development that not only is reshaping economies, societies and institutions worldwide, but is also impacting the way in which legal information is collected, disseminated and elaborated. In this context, knowledge management plays a critical role for organizations seeking to establish trustworthy digital repositories and to make the future open and diverse, based on genuine verified legal contents. During the two days conference, speakers will discuss how scholars, researchers, and information professionals use very large or complex data sets to distil meaning and develop public policy. The meeting serves as an excellent setting for legal and ICT researchers and professionals to demonstrate the application of their work in a rich, real-world domain.

Accordingly, author are invited to submit abstract on a broad spectrum of research topics that include, but are not restricted to:


• Free access to law by government and non-state actors

• Facilitating community access to legal information

• E-government, e-democracy and e-justice

• Global development and state of implementation of legal standards

• Big data and data analytics for and in the legal domain

• Tools for supporting democratic participation and opportunities for digital democracy

• Open data policies

• Policy issues on the publication of case law

• Challenges facing free access to public legal information throughout the world

• Open access to legal scholarship

• Sustainable business model for free law

• Digital preservation for legal documents

• Communicating legal information: Visual law for improving public access to the law

• Interactive and intelligent legal services and knowledge-based tools

• Global interoperability and Linked Open Data in the legal domain

• Data sovereignty and the responsibility for the data

• Privacy and data protection, access to and dissemination of legal information

• Knowledge acquisition techniques for the legal domain (natural language processing, argument and data mining)

• Legal knowledge representation

• Automatic legal text classification and summarization

• Automated information extraction from legal databases and texts

• Conceptual or model-based legal information retrieval


Presentations on innovative projects, experience, initiatives or services with a strong collaborative cross-border or international dimension are preferred.


Important Dates

• Deadline for submission of abstracts: April 27, 2018

• Notification of acceptance: May 31, 2018

• Conference: October 11-12, 2018


Submission Guidelines

Proposals must be submitted by April 27, 2018 and should clearly include:

• Title of the presentation

• English abstract of 2 to 4 pages (1000 – 2000 words)

• Contact details and professional affiliation(s)


Abstracts should be delivered only in digital format. Authors who intend to submit abstracts shall register and fill in the appropriate form at the Conference web site. Link to online form at: http://lvi2018.ittig.cnr.it/submission-form

The abstracts will be reviewed by the LVI Scientific Committee.

After the Conference, the authors of selected presentations will be invited to submit papers for the publication of the Conference Proceedings.


Presentation at the Conference

A maximum of 20 minutes will be allowed for the presentation of each presentation during the sessions. The presentations can be in English or in Italian. After the presentations a panel discussion will follow, which all speakers should participate to.

The venue of the Conference will be at the headquarters of the University of Florence in the Rectorate of the University (Aula Magna del Rettorato), in piazza San Marco 4.


Please note

All abstracts presented at the LVI 2018 will be made available online under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

All expenses, including registration for the Conference, travel and accommodation, are the responsibility of the authors/presenters.

Further information on the LVI 2018 conference is available at: http://lvi2018.ittig.cnr.it


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