Jerry Bergonzi: Vol. 3 Jazz Lines #Scales


Anyone work through this book? It's mainly Bergonzi's take on the Bebop scale, with tunes derivative of Bebop tunes such as Blues For Alice, Joy Spring, etc. For minor key tunes, he uses IV7b9b13. Any idea as to why he prefers this to an altered dominant? No lowered 5th or raised 11th? Apparently he's preferring The Harmonic Minor scale?

For example, he's got Cm69 Bebop scale, leading to F7b9b13. Why?

Alisdair MacRae Birch

He's just choosing to use the first choice scale-wise for the dominant functioning chord in a turnaround to minor tonic (IIm7♭5-V7♭9-Im7-Im6) , the 5th mode of the Harmonic Minor scale, variously named Mixolydian ♭9♭13, Phrygian Dominant. Phrygian ♮3 etc., As I'm sure you know, the Harmonic Minor scale was "created" for harmony purposes from the Natural Minor scale by raising the ♭7 to ♮7, to give us two important harmonic pointer chords V7♭9  (often for Cycle-5 progressions) and VIIdim7 (often for Cycle-2 progressions). Scale wise the first choice scales for turnaround to minor tonic are:

| Mode 2 Nat. Min for IIm7♭5 | Mode 5 Har. Min. for V7♭9 | Mode 1 Nat. Min for Im7 | Mode 1 Mel. Min for Im6 |

If you listen to the masters, for example Bird, you'll hear the use of Harmonic Minor.

But of course depending on what you want to do you can increase the tension on the V7 chord by altering other tones.

Hope that helps!




Alisdair MacRae Birch