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This group promotes live blues music events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area by sharing a Calendar that releases "reminders" of live blues performances 12 hours prior to the event.

----This group replaces my yahoo Blues Clues calendar which has ceased to be fully functional ever since yahoo groups were bought by the hosts of this improved option. 
----To start I'll be feeding new data to this calendar only from Monday thru Thursday with a comprehensive list for Friday thru Sunday issued as one long hour by hour, area by area list that can be printed and used as an easy guide for what's happening. 
----My weekend list is sent as Special Notice so if you choose that option that's all you'll get other than an occasional heads up from me.
----Members here can add their own gigs (no attachments please because this calendar is free to me as long as it stays under 1G a month.
----To keep spammers out your first posts here will need my approval before they are released to the public.
----The home page photo will be changed often to feature different artists who are friends of Bay Area Blues.  If you want folks to see your face or band send photos to me at jcbluz@aol.com
---Hint: Using the list mode when viewing the Calendar might offer you a more complete view of whats happening,  Either way, hovering over the event with you mouse, etc. will show you event details if I added a comment or they were available on the venue's website. Also, when viewing messages, toggle the "message" button toward the top to "expand" for best (IMO) viewing.
---FYI:  I enter new weekday events into the Calendar during the weekend prior to to the event in order to  be as accurate as possible with lineup changes, double bookings, etc. vetted.

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