A few more drawings RE: [IrishThreeFoot] NCC Class S and 4-4-2T locos

Alan O'Rourke

For the sake of completeness, three more Ian MacNab drawings:


BLR  2-6-0ST

Railways  4(44): 190 Dec 1943


WCR 2-6-2T

Railways  4(42): 158 Oct 1943


CBPR 2-4-2T

Railways  5(52): 123 Aug1944


I don;t have a full set of this magazine, so there may be few more.


Peter Manning in Australia has produced excellent drawings of the BLR 2-4-0Ts, 0-6-0Ts and 2-6-0ST from Beyer-Peacock GAs:



Although I am happy to be corrected, its seems that fairly good drawings of most Irish NG engines exist except:


1. CMLR 4-4-0Ts (other than the second Blarney): not susrprisig as all were scrapped in 1935.


2. CLR4-4-0Ts: much more surprising as they lasted into CIE days; two are still with us and several models / kits have e been produced.


Rgds Alan




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