Re: NCC Class S and 4-4-2T locos

Alan O'Rourke

Sorry if I have missed part of this thread; have been in the Canary isles...quelle hardship, no railways other than a very short modern urban tramway, but sunny, warm and good walking.


Mr Heaven’s drawings are of very variable quality, but certainly not in the same league as Des Coakham’s. Some look like they were drawn on the kitchen table with an O-level geometry set; some are more professional. I am not sure of his sources: possibly official weight, rather than GA type drawings. If you are going to use any of his as the basis for a model, I suggest you check carefully with photos and known dimensions.



A rather small scale scan of the S2 from Fayle H (1946) Narrow Gauge Railways of Ireland London; Greenlake


Article from The Locomotive Nov 15th, 1932


The NCC weight diags of these engines (again, probably re-drawn after the Blitz) also appear in Bill Scott’s NCC Loco book.


Rgds Alan


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In a dusty file I have come across a drawing by B. Heaven of the S class compound. Somewhat in the mould of the famous Skinley drawings, but not as good.
I have uploaded two halves of this drawing to the NCC locos file as part a and b. Hope this helps. I love the description if the livery as "invisible green". Tops even some of the more silly names like "improved engine green".
The MRN article referred to was August 1965. There is also a comprehensive article in Railway World August 1986.


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