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Hi Colin

The original S class drawings were available from the Manchester museum, though you might have to search for order number 7511, anything that was in LMS/NCC offices at York Road was destroyed in the 1941 air raids so you can probably on to a loser, I've been seaching for drawings of the LMS/NCC brake vans used on the Ballycastle line and all I have been able to find are some, possibly apprentice drawings, done in the last days of that line and the photographs - undated - which show that the vans were modified 'over the years' and none of the photographs - that I've seen show any signs of lettering on a 'type 23' brake van. As for the Kitson 4-4-2T's I've no idea where any drawings might be found - especially after York Road had 'amended them' there are some late photographs of 113 being used on the Ballyclare Papermill trains - giben that it had a bad reputation for 'loosing it's feet, the fact that crews would not use the S2 instead tells you a lot about how bad that really was, I think I saw an article by Desmond Coakham (I think) stating that 110 was in Larne shed, still in Red Livery in 1945 but he didn't have the nerve/cheek to ask the crew of 113 to pull 110 out for photography. I have seen a photograph of S1 #42 in UTA livery in Larne shed so it looks like this livery was applied after the Larne-Ballclare line was closed.

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Hi guys I am gathering as much information about these locos with the plan to persuade a well known brass etch parts manufactures to think about doing these for us.


I have got the feelers out all over the place, that is if you have already come across my request for information. I am hoping that both the Manchester Museum of Science and Technology can help with the Beyer Peacock drawings and the Northern Irish Transport Museum can help with drawings of the above locos.

But if anyone has a works drawing of any of the NCC locos outside of the published books on this subject please get in touch, there are so many variations already with in the S class so having as much detail to hand is really important thanks.






Colin Rainsbury

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