Re: County Donegal Railway steel trust bridges

Andrew Cundick

Hi Alan I've got a couple of the Donegal bridge i think it was the only one on the branch,its the same design as those used on the Derry line albeit slightly longer theres a good shot of the one at Strabane crossing the GN in the 2COMPANION" book and a couple in the Michael Bunch books of a couple of Derry examples.The main difference is the Donegal one is longer and has a footpath canterlevered off one side.Can't post the photos but if can find your address i'll send you a couple of copies.                                                                   |On the subject of the Aire Valley Brake,the nearest things to that on the Donegal were the two West Donegal brake vans No'1 & 2,however once past the fact it has 4 wheels and duckets thats about the end of it.For  the record they became No's 209 and 210,209 was converted to a goods van in 1921.210 went to the loco dept in 1916 as a Breakdown van in 1916 and was then rebuilt as goods van in 1927,it was further modified with centre doors at Dundalk in august 1946.Andy.

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Has any member got a photograph they could post of any of the steel trust bridges particularly those found on the Ballyshannon branch line. I can find in various publications pictures of the larger CDR metal bridges but I have not found one picture of the single span bridges like the one on the Ballyshannon line close to it's junction at Donegal. Would these be somewhat like half a two span Inver steel trust bridge which there are pictures off.
Kind regards
Alan Gee

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