Re: Christmas Question


Hi All,

I think I might have found a drawing of it, 'The County Donegal Railways' - revised edition (Colourpoint 2014 ISBN 978-1-78073-055-4) page 180 'CDRJC breakdown van, I've yet to find a photograph.



On 24/12/2019 23:31, Andy Foster wrote:

Think this is it.

Andy F

On 24/12/2019 07:07, rwlacknz wrote:
Happy Christmas, Everyone!

Just glancing through some old photos I noticed the attached. A couple of questions:

- Does anyone recognise the grey van on the far right of the pic? It did appear in the Railway Modeller once upon a time.

- Whatever happened to the rest of the locos and rolling stock from that railway?


Bob Lack

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