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Welcome to the International LD List Home Page!  

We started out as a Stargate SG-1 Kidfic group and have now expanded to allow kidfic stories from other shows/fandoms as well. This is a fanfiction/artwork group. 

If you’ve wandered over to our little corner of fan fiction, we assume it’s because you’re drawn to the genre of kid fics in general and LD fics specifically.  If so, you've come to our list in a new era.  As of 1.1.15, we are no longer ONLY accepting SG-1 Little fics, our list members have agreed to open our list to stories (provided they meet list criteria) written in the *Little* genre, from any fandom.  

If you've run across us by chance and would like to join, you may request an invitation by contacting one of the mods, annejackdanny or sg1authorntraining.  

There a couple of things you should know about this list before you take the plunge and join us.  We support a wide range of writers:  from totally inexperienced, just learning the ins and outs of the daunting task of posting and formatting and writing in general, to professional writers with writing resumes to their credit.  We’ve put a lot of effort into creating an atmosphere where writers of all abilities can safely post their work without fear of being on the receiving end of rotten vegetables.  If this sounds like the kind of place you’d feel comfortable, then come on in!  

Welcome to the wonderful world of *Little* stories!  Since we originated as a Little Daniel/SG-1 list, you can pick up your GDO code at the reception desk.

We welcome het, slash and gen stories, but please read the rules about warnings and ratings carefully and be aware that we do NOT allow any kind of sexual content involving a child and an adult.

Disclaimer: We don't own the characters from the Stargate SG-1 television show as they belong to MGM and I guess Sony now, but we do own any original characters we develop.  Neither do we own any other of the characters or shows that may be represented in stories on this list. And no copyright infringement has been perpetrated fro financial gain.

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