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A note about spam or junkmail.

This issue will probably only affect a small percentage of members, but please read this message so that you recognise if you are one of those affected.

A few members find that email messages from end up in their spam folder or junk folder. If the messages are not subsequently marked as “not spam”, or if they are simply deleted from the spam folder, or if they are simply left there, a message gets passed back to that the recipient regards the message as spam. Not wanting to be labelled as a source of spam, will unsubscribe the member (a message to that effect will be received by the now ex member, which does contain a link to re-join).

Certain email providers seem more inclined to the problem: Aol and BTinternet in particular.

To avoid this, all members are recommended to add to their safe sender list or whitelist or whatever their system terms it.

Adding to your safe sender list can (depending on your software) sometimes be achieved by right clicking on any message from , selecting junk mail, and selecting “add sender to safe sender list”. Or it may be found in “Settings” on the email website. Or you may need to do a bit of research.

To be clear, messages from are not spam. If your system wrongly regards them as spam it is up to you to tell your system that they are not spam.



Ken Scanes

The Moderator

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