ImagesPlus version 1.66 Update

Mike Unsold

The latest release of ImagesPlus will be available next week. Version
1.66 contains several new features including:

1) Close All Operators has been added to the File menu.

2) A grain & background reduction parameter has been added to the
Smoothing & Noise Reduction commands.

3) Processing history can be saved to disk as a text file and the
history list is copied to a duplicate image.

4) The Multiresolution dialog box is smaller.

5) The DDP dialog box is smaller and a new Do Background Compensation
box has been added so that the Auto Button does not change the images
permanently behind the scene. Undo and Redo should now work like the
other operators when applied to DDP. Note that the default setting of
DDP changes the contrast of an image just like the default setting of
a Gaussian blur smoothes an image.

6) A Save button has been added to the Process History dialog box to
save the list to disk. Save With History, Save With History As…, and
Save All With History have been added to the File menu.

7) On the Color Menu the name of Combine Channels with luminance …
has been changed to Combine LRGB, LCMY, HSL… Reset buttons have been
added to the dialog box.

8) The Local/Line Enhancement and Suppression… dialog box has text
changes to make it more intuitive.

9) On the Color menu Split Colors…. is now called Split Colors –

10) The Combine Images dialog box has an Enable Buttons check box
added. If checked the combination method will be applied when the
radio button is checked.

11) A Convert Files… command was added to Support Images to convert
JPEG, BMP, FITS, or TIFF formats to JPEG, BMP, and 8 or 16 bit TIFF
formats prior to using the crop and align commands. You will be able
to specify a new directory for the conversion files.

12) Auto Crop and Auto Align commands for planetary images have been

13) A Grade image command has been added and Graded Average is a new
combination type supported by Combine Files.

14) Grade, Crop, and Align save the zoom factor if it is changed by
the user.