Chat Room

txduggan <tduggan@...>

FWIW...I just created a room called #images_plus on the same server I
have the #digital_astro room. The same instructions found in the
#digital_astro Files section can be used; just substitute
#digital_astro with #images_plus.

The mIRC option, IMOHO, works best. Online FTP servers can be
created, files can be shared with a direct connection and many other
options. I'm not a mIRC expert, but it doesn't take a lot of digging
to find them out.

Mike and I have used the channel and passing images back and forth
works very, very well. Had to use email once or twice, but that's
dictated by our respective ISPs and sometimes the chat server.

I'm actually thinking about setting up an FTP server if/when I get
the bugs worked out of the new system. If it proves to be a
workhorse, I may not mind keeping the system up and the FTP active
for member image staging.

Coffee's done brewing....need to find the Kahluha....