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Icom 7610 Transceiver

Icom 7610 Transceiver

This is a moderated Group. Please keep posts civil and on topic. (Any discussion about Amateur Radio is welcome)     Please provide an Amateur Ham Radio  [ Callsign ]  when joining as It is a requirement.  The email address to join the group is authenticated matched / compared with your QRZ.COM email or Radio1D-net.

This Groupsio is open only to licensed radio amateurs who are interested in the ham bands.
Please state your callsign to join.
Your email must be linked to your callsign.

The most basic request for this group is have your FirstName and Callsign displayed on your groupsio profile and use when joining an email that can me matched to your qrz page.

We Encourage you to consider a Ham License, there is a whole other world out there waiting for you.


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