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Main features:

• Slanted front separated controller with large touch screen dot matrix LCD (controller cannot be attached to body front) 
• Speaker is self contained inside the controller
• All-mode (SSB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY w/decode) and D-STAR DV
• HF (100W), 50MHz (100W), 70MHz (50W), 144MHz (50W), 430MHz (35W) (Note: Power may be different according to version. The 70MHz band is available for some versions only) 
• Lower current consumption/cooler operation than IC-7000) 
• SWR meter function also works for VHF and UHF bands
• Remote power on/off 
• IF DSP for filtering/interference removal/noise reduction
• SD memory card slot, voice recording
• USB Audio In/Out, remote control
• ± 0.5ppm frequency stability
• 505 memory channels

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