Collective Communication invite you to a St Stephen Day fox hunt. (A.R.D.F.)

Keith EI5KJ

From Collective Communication. An open invitation to all. Jenkinstown Woods Kilkenny "Fox Hunt" (A.R.D.F.)

Come and join us this St.Stephens' Day at 11.00am (local time) at Jenkinstown Woods Co. Kilkenny. All are welcome, experienced Hunters, novice Hunters, or complete newbies. Come and join in or stop by for a chat. 😁

Jenkinstown Woods is aprox. 10km north of Kilkenny City off of the N77. The woods themselves have no Eircode but a building near by (the building has no connection to this fox hunt, I tell you the eircode simply as a point of reference) is R95 PW94. From this location you can see the car park for access to the woods.

We have a couple of spare sets of "hunters equipment," handheld rig & directional antennas, spare for those of you who might not have the necessary gear themselves. If you've never done this before the 'best' way to learn is to buddy-up with someone who has some experience and see just how it's done. The fox, (or possible foxes) will have gone to ground somewhere within the woods so this will be a "walking hunt" (no driving around the country side searching for the fox.) Slightly surprisingly the hardest part will be to find the exact location of the fox when you are very close to it. (The signal will seem to be coming from all directions.)

So, Monday 26th December, 11am Jenkinstown Woods Kilkenny. It will help you walk off some of the calories you consumed the previous day hi! Looking forward to seeing you then.

Albert Kleyn EI7II

Keith and the Team.
What a lovely idea.
Sadly... as well as the 25th, the 26th is a normal working day for me... as are the other 363 remaing days. Price you pay for running a charity.
I have never done a fox hunt  and it would be fantastic to see and experience it. Cuddos to whoever thought this up and put a huge amount of effort in organising it. WELL DONE !
Wishing you, the whole team and  all participants a wonderful and enjoyable day... may the Weather Gods smile on ye All.
Albert. EI7II.

Keith EI5KJ

Thank you for your lovely message Albert. This particular hunt was Wayne's idea I believe, and it was he who purchased the little foxes.

Charity worker or not Albert "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."  So time to take a day off? me wonders. (I doubt you will.)

We have had interest from newbies to the hobby as well as some of the "trusty ol' retainers" who have done it all before. Hopefully they (and others) will brave what is predicted to be a chilly but dry day on Monday and venture forth into the darkest depths of County Kilkenny for a little post Christmas exercise and meet up.

We're hoping to have hot drinks and maybe a cream bun for the participants after all the walking, (or running for those young and agile enough to run). So please join us if you can Albert

BCNU OM and we'll let you know how we got on.