NSWLC Sunday Socials for Newly Licensed #NSWLC #Training #Licensing

Rafal EI6LA

If you are a newly licensed, inexperienced amateur, or if you are still studying for your exam, you are welcome to join the National Short Wave Listeners Club, especially if you do not have access to a local club. We meet every week on Sundays at 20:00 on Zoom. The next few of our Sunday Socials will be dedicated to helping newly licensed amateurs get set-up. We want to hear every new call sign on the air as soon as possible! If you want a friendly QSO, on any mode or band, we are standing by. However, if you have access to a local, physical radio club, please join them now. Meeting us online via Zoom is never as good as meeting people who can let you twiddle radio knobs in person.

If you would like to join NSWLC, follow the instructions on https://swl.ie and make sure to email a signed application form.

Program for the upcoming meeting on 24th July 2022

As we have over 13 new licensees in the Club—well done!—the next Sunday Social will focus on their immediate needs: how to correctly set-up on QRZ.com, what information to share, including the most important subject of QSL preferences, where else to register (HamQTH), and how to get set-up for LoTW (important!).

Please create a (free) account on QRZ.com before Sunday. Make sure you can log into it. We will help you get your call sign registered. While you register the account yourself, the call sign has to be added by an existing amateur, or by using a QRZ.com Forum helper. We can do it for you on Sunday. If you have an account already, e.g. EI1813, you need to use the QRZ.com support ticket system to ask to change it to your new call sign. We will also talk about QSL cards and which methods work (LoTW and paper) and which are a waste of time (eQSL or QRZ logbook) and why. :)

Above all, we will be answering questions about any aspect of your set-up. If you have been licensed for a while and you are making your first steps, feel free to bring your questions too!

We will also provide free hugs for anyone who did not make it...or, more seriously, we will outline what options you have later this year and in early 2023.

See you all on Sunday.

73 Rafal EI6LA

Ruairi EI1952

Hi. Is the social the same link on zoom as the Foxtrot class uses?

Rafal EI6LA

Hello Ruairi,

No, you get separate personal Zoom links for the classes and the Sunday Socials. I will resend you registration email. 

BTW, this is the IRTS-wide email reflector. Club-specific questions can go to https://NSWLC.groups.io :)
73 Rafal EI6LA