New 2022 HAREC #Licensing #Exam

Declan Horan EI9FVB

Further to the 14 March 2022 announcement about the awarding of a new contract to the IRTS to run the HAREC examinations, the IRTS Examination Board would like to provide further detail about the new exams. Some changes to the examination paper structure were required to reflect the current regulatory focus on matters of safety, good operating procedures, modern equipment, and non-interference with other radio spectrum users, whilst maintaining its alignment with the CEPT ECC T/R 61-02 Annex 6 HAREC Syllabus standard. Please see the newly announced exam structure at: 

An exact date of the next Irish HAREC exam will be announced once the venue has been secured and once the remaining work on the IRTS Study Guide, the Exam Syllabus, and the Exam Sample Paper have been completed later this Spring. It is currently expected, yet subject to change, that an examination session may be offered in early July 2022.

A draft version of the Sample Exam Paper is now also available at:

This sample paper should be of help to the existing candidates and to those still studying for the next exam. Please note that the structure shown in the draft sample paper, that is, the names of the exam sections, topics, and the numbers of questions in each topic, have been finalised. However, the text of the sample exam questions is subject to a further review once the work on the Exam Syllabus has been completed later this Spring. A final version of the Sample Paper will be provided in due course. Further announcements will be made on and on the home page.

Declan Horan EI9FVB,
IRTS Examination Board, Chairperson

Declan Horan EI9FVB

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