Does an Irish B licensee need to complete any steps before planning to use VHF/UHF in England? #Licensing

Dave Harlowe EI8IOB


I've looked at these two documents on UK OFCOM website:
And Referenced from above doc:

Section 2.1 of 1st link:
"Countries applying CEPT Recommendation T/R 61-01 2.2 A radio amateur who holds a qualifying licence (equivalent to the UK Amateur Radio (Full) Licence), issued by a country that operates CEPT Recommendation T/R 61-014, may operate in the UK for up to three months. The Recommendation lists participating countries and the licences that qualify. Not all participating countries are members of CEPT. "

I think it's ok for IRish "B" licencee to use VHF / UH spectrum whilst visiting England? 

Has anyone done this?


Rafal EI6LA

Dave, Ireland does not have a "B" licence at present. What you are probably referring to is the Irish CEPT Class 2 licence, which can be identified by a call sign consisting of three letters after the digit, with that third letter being a "B". According to T/R 61-01 Irish CEPT Class 2 and Class 1 licences are both HAREC licences. As a temporary visitor to England you will be able to use your Irish call sign, prefixed M/ to operate at the same level of privilege as if you were a holder of the UK FULL licence—see Table 1 on page 6 of T/R 61-01 for more detail. You do not need to contact anyone in England before you operate on those basis, as long as this is for a temporary visit. If you wish to operate there on a more permanent basis, you will need to apply to Ofcom for a licence, which you can easily do once you have an address there, using your Irish HAREC certificate as the basis to get the Full UK licence. No further exams are needed.
73 Rafal EI6LA

Dave Harlowe EI8IOB

Thanks Rafal for explanation and correction wrt A/B licences

great...sounds like I'm good to go so!


Daniel EI8ICB

To be clear, an Irish "B licensee" can use the entire allocation available to holders of a UK Full Licence - including HF - not just VHF and UHF. There is no difference whatsoever between an Irish CEPT Class 1 and CEPT Class 2 licence in the eyes of the UK - they are both equivalent to a UK Full Licence.

The equivalent of Ireland's Amateur Station Licence Guidelines document setting out the regulations and frequency allocations can be found here For the purposes of reading this document, assume you are the holder of a UK Full Licence, even if you only operating temporarily under CEPT T/R 61-01. Do read this document, as some of the power limits and allocations are different than in Ireland - and there are some interesting clauses, such as a ban on use of a chunk of the 70cm band (431-432 MHz) within 60 miles of London.

You can operate in the UK for up to three months at a time under CEPT T/R 61-01 by simply prefacing your callsign with the appropriate prefix for the part of the UK you are in, followed by a / (pronounced Stroke). The prefixes are as follows: M in England; MM in Scotland; MW in Wales; MI in Northern Ireland; MD in the Isle of Man; MJ in Jersey and MU in Guernsey. In England, you would be M/EI8IOB - "Mike Stroke Echo India Eight India Oscar Bravo"

You must obtain a UK licence if you wish to operate in the UK for more than three months at a time, but can choose to do so before then if you wish. It incurs a one-time payment of just £20 for a lifetime licence, and any amendments to the licence (e.g. change of address) are completely free of charge. You must have a UK (or Isle of Man/Channel Islands) address, but this can be a friend or family member's address with permission - you do not need to be a UK resident - and you can provide your Irish address as your mailing address. You can also pick your own callsign with a three letter suffix and any of the following prefixes: G0, G1, G3, G4, G5, G6, G7, G8, M0, M1 and M5. G8IOB may well be available! If you don't pick one, you'll get a random three letter suffix with the prefix M0.

If you wish to apply for a UK licence, simply fill out this form: and send it by post or email to Ofcom along with a photocopy/scan of your HAREC certificate. You cannot use the automated online application service as you have passed a foreign exam. Ofcom are exceptionally patient and helpful if you contact them by telephone (00 44 207 981 3131) or live chat (register for an account on the automated online application service at - you can't use it to apply, but it will give you access to the live chat). They will help you with your application if necessary, and can check if the callsign of your choice is available.

Dave Harlowe EI8IOB

Thanks Daniel - I really appreciate the details you've provided, should be useful for those who visit either country regularly.

I won't be staying very long, interesting to see what would be possible


Murray Niman G6JYB

RSGB also provide some extra guidance on its licensing and CEPT/visitor pages
For example the big Charing Cross Radius which is the name given to the 431-432 MHz exclusion zone around London is mapped here:-

Ofcom and RSGB websites have guidance for licensing and also the recent UK EMF rules as well

Have a nice visit!


 Murray G6JYB


Applied recently myself and the OfCom licensing Team were fantastic in answering any query I had...