IRTS Group Messaging Service #IT


Announcing the IRTS Group Email Messaging Service

We are introducing an instant, group-oriented, email-based messaging service for all IRTS members today. We are doing it because many of us, including those who do not or cannot use social media, including younger members, would like to communicate with other IRTS members online.


You are not required to use this new service or to register for it: it is optional. Essential IRTS member notices will continue to be sent directly to the email address in your IRTS membership record.


Our new service works like an email reflector. We hope that many of us will use it to learn from each other, to post timely notices of interesting radio-related events on and off the air, and to ask and answer questions from fellow IRTS radio amateurs. All posts are archived and will be available and searchable by Internet search engines. We hope that your posts and comments will help others become better radio amateurs now and in the future.


We have chosen to use the platform. It is modern, it ensures that messages arrive instantly in your inbox with no spam, there are no ads or tracking, it gives the IRTS good control and moderation of the group, and it is easy and economical to maintain. It is very popular in radio circles: there are 1681 other amateur radio groups using this service. Tens of thousands of radio amateurs are active in groups dedicated to current radio models, modes of communication, antennas, amplifiers and other hardware, and software such as logging programs, or the very busy WSJT-X support group. Many radio clubs and societies use this service.


You can do everything just by sending emails. You can also use the web site, or the Apple and Android apps.

How to Subscribe?

To subscribe using the web, please visit: 

To subscribe using email, please send your request to: 


You must provide your real name and your call sign, or the IRTS SWL number with your request. You will need to include them in the group’s displayed name as a condition of being able to post using our service. You will also need to accept the IRTS Online Code of Conduct, including the Anti-bullying and Child Protection policies. See 


To protect your identity in compliance with the GDPR, and to have your request processed as quickly as possible, you need to send it using the email address that the IRTS have on file. Requests will be validated by the IRTS Membership Records Officer and not the group moderators. If there is a discrepancy, for example a mismatch of email addresses, you will be asked to update your filed IRTS email address to the current one before your request can be approved. Continuing IRTS membership is a requirement that will be validated annually.


There are many advantages of the new service over the existing IRTS Facebook group. It will allow more members to use it. It will focus the discussions on the matters of radio relevant to the members of IRTS. It will help us maintain a friendly, courteous, and a supportive environment without requiring the currently extensive amount of several moderators’ time and effort. Negativity will not be amplified by algorithms focused on advertising revenues. Messages will arrive instantly rather than at the whim of an algorithm. You will be able to participate fully using nothing more than standard email. Most importantly, discussions will be properly archived so that others will easily find them using a search engine.


For all of those reasons and to make a better use of our limited volunteer resources the current IRTS Facebook group will be closed as soon as we have given enough time for the existing users to register with, hopefully in about a month or two.


On behalf of the IRTS Committee

Jim EI4HH, IRTS, President

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