Vara HF, pretending to be a speed demon. #Digital

Albert Kleyn EI7II

In this uncertain world, the ability to run emails or messages without the internet has a certain appeal. That is why 3/4 year I decided to see what Winlink RMS Express and Vara HF had to offer.
Well... it was an interesting journey to say the least. From treacle snail slow to lightning fast... it has send data around the world. As I am sure you would not be interested in seeing how slow it can be, lets have a look when Vara HF outdid itself.
For those of you familiar with the VARA screen.... have a look at this quadrature modulation picture. I have only seen this type of speed twice... once Vara pounded the airwaves with over 20 Kilobytes per minute ! ( Note.. this is BYTES, not BITS !
Vara connection speeds can vary wildly, I usually connect to HB9AK in Switzerland on the 18MHz frequency, which is ideal for data traffic in its allocated segments.
If you have never tried the Winlink/Vara combination, give it a go. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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