The IRTS Online Code of Conduct

Be kind, be courteous, and give friendly support to all who ask questions. Offer helpful suggestions so that we can all learn from each other. All posts are archived and will be available and searchable by Internet search engines. Your posts should help others become better radio amateurs now and in the future.

By using this messaging service you hereby accept the following rules:

  1. All IRTS members who use this online messaging service shall aim to comply with the IARU Code of Conduct in all of their activities and communications.
  2. The IRTS may offer its current members access to online communication services and facilities that are associated with and remain under the IRTS control including but not limited to: videoconferencing, group and individual email, instant messaging, discussion groups and forums, and social media, which shall all be collectively known as the IRTS Online Communication Services.
  3. Members using this service shall agree that their access to the IRTS Online Communication Services is a privilege entirely dependent on their acceptance and their full compliance with this Code of Online Conduct and that their access may be temporarily restricted and even permanently removed in case of any violations thereof.
  4. As a condition of gaining access to the IRTS Online Communication Services members agree to be bound by any decisions made by the IRTS Online Communication Services moderators regarding any of the members’ online communications or the members’ ability to access the IRTS Online Communication Services. Subject to the provisions of the IRTS Constitution and the current IRTS policies the moderators' decisions shall be final and members agree to waive any rights to dispute moderators' decisions.
  5. Members shall refrain from disruptive or vexatious behaviour in all of their communications and online activities.
  6. Matters of a sectarian, religious, or political nature shall be excluded from all member communications conveyed using the IRTS Online Communication Services. Members shall not display prominent images or other media of a sectarian, religious, or political nature nor include or attach such media to any communications.
  7. Members availing of the IRTS Online Communication Services shall maintain a civil and a friendly conduct in all of their communications including any replies and comments on others' messages.
  8. Members using this service must be individual persons, not clubs. Clubs affiliated to the IRTS should nominate one of their members to join this service and to post on behalf of their club.
  9. Members’ online communications shall identify the member’s real first name and their valid licence call sign or their valid IRTS short wave listener number, and, optionally, their real last name. If your display name does not comply with this requirement your access will be removed. Please set your display name using your Account/Identity page. An example of a good display name would be Dennis EI2B or Meade Dennis EI2B. You can have a different display name for different groups. To just set the IRTS group display name use: 
  10. Members’ communications conveyed using the IRTS Online Communication Services shall:
    1. be friendly and courteous to everyone,
    2. not appear to impersonate anyone else,
    3. not be anonymous,
    4. not appear to aim to insult, belittle, patronise, disrupt, provoke, attack, impersonate, or offend others,
    5. not contain bad language or swear words or be otherwise objectionable, or include language that might offend others, or include content that is racist, sexist, sexually explicit, or abusive,
    6. not contain off-topic content or spam, which is also sometimes characterised by repeated postings of content of a broad nature not directly related to the Objects of the IRTS as outlined in the IRTS Constitution,
    7. not contain statements that can be thought to break the law or condone or encourage unlawful activity, including but not limited to a breach of copyright, defamation and contempt of court,
    8. not describe or encourage activities which could endanger the safety or well-being of others,
    9. not appear to aim to defame or otherwise impair the reputation of the IRTS.
  11. Members shall familiarise themselves and agree to be bound by the current IRTS Child Protection Policy available at the web page.
  12. Members shall familiarise themselves and agree to be bound by the current IRTS Anti-bullying Policy available at the web page.
  13. "For Sale" posts are welcome on this service, provided that the poster and the buyer agree to and adhere with the following additional guidelines:
    1. Only personal sales by the current IRTS members are permitted.
    2. The subject line of the post must name or describe the item offered for sale.
    3. Posts must be tagged #ForSale to permit filtering by those who do not wish to see them.
    4. Items must be described honestly. Any known issues or faults must be clearly mentioned.
    5. Asking price must be listed. Asking "for offers” instead of providing a price is not permitted.
    6. The seller assumes all responsibility for the item, for the transaction, and for any ensuing disputes.
    7. The seller and the buyer acknowledge that the IRTS has no interest in the transaction and is not party to it in any way.
    8. No commercial sales are allowed.
    9. Promotion of items owned by 3rd parties, i.e. by a person other than the poster, or by a business, is not allowed unless a permission has been granted by the IRTS.
    10. Posting of affiliate links of any kind, or other links that can remunerate the poster with a commission on the sale, is not permitted.
    11. In line with the remainder of the guidelines, section 4 above, the moderators' decisions regarding any “For Sale” posts, including their removal, are final.
You must stop using this service if you do not agree to these rules. These rules may be amended from time to time. Your continuing use of this service requires your continuing acceptance of the rules in force at the time of use. If you have any concerns regarding these rules please email

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