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The Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS) promotes the study and the enjoyment of amateur radio and we work to secure its future in Ireland. We offer essential services to support our members. We encourage inclusion, diversity, and active participation on the air. As Ireland's national radio society affiliated with the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) the IRTS has represented radio amateurs to protect and to grow their worldwide rights since 1932. There are currently over 1000 members of the IRTS!

This Group

Our members can use this group to instantly contact everyone about topics related to amateur radio. You need to be a current IRTS member to post—join the IRTS here.

Please ensure that your display name includes your real name and your call sign or your IRTS SWL number before you request access to this group. You can set it using your Account/Identity page. You can have different display names for different groups. Requests from users whose display name does not comply will not be approved until it does. Email for assistance. Examples of good display names: Dennis EI2B, Meade Dennis EI2B, or Guglielmo EI0001.

To protect the identity of IRTS members your request must come from an email address that is known to the IRTS. Contact the Membership Records Officer to update yours.

Code of Online Conduct

Please familiarise yourself and follow our Online Code of Conduct guidelines before you post.

Be kind, be courteous, and give friendly support to all who ask questions. Consider editing before you post so that others do not misread your intent. All posts are publicly viewable, archived, and searchable by Internet engines. Your posts should help others become better radio amateurs now and in the future.

The first two posts by all new users require a moderator's approval to avoid spam and abuse. Afterwards, posts are not moderated unless a breach of our Online Code of Conduct has been observed or reported. If that happened, further posts by that member would be moderated. In case of a continuing breach, access may be permanently withdrawn from the member and further disciplinary proceedings may take place in line with the IRTS Constitution and Rules. Sensitive topics might be subjected to further moderation.

Further Information About the IRTS

Full description of the services that the IRTS offers to radio amateurs in Ireland, including information about amateur radio station licensing and HAREC exams is available at

If you would like to contact a member of the IRTS Committee or any of its officers please use one of our email addresses instead of the group messaging service.

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