Swainson's Hawks

Cliff Weisse

Hey all,

We are seeing a surge in early Swainson's Hawk reports in eBird so I want to remind everyone to get photos to document these birds. There are a few records from March 30-31, and a couple as early as March 28, but zero documented reports before that. It doesn't seem like it's that much earlier but Swainson's Hawk in Idaho right now is exceptionally early and unprecedented so do your best to get a photo. Even a really poor photo can be useful.

Swainson's are long distance migrants and they are really consistent in timing of migration. That said it isn't out of the question for an early arrival or a lingering/wintering individual - a sub-adult was photographed in SE Colorado in Feb of this year. Other than that there aren't any inland reports north of Lubbock, TX - Phoenix, AZ this year.

Keep an eye out and keep your camera ready.


Cliff and Lisa Weisse
Island Park, Idaho